Video Putin Strategy With Ukrainian Separatists Differs From Crimea

Several experts say Russian president sees separatists in southern, eastern provinces not as future Russians, but as a lever to influence what happens in Ukraine More

Russia's Shadowy Military Presence Threatens East Ukraine

Intelligence analyst sees parallels between Moscow's 2008 strategy in Georgia, and what is now going on in eastern Ukraine More

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People make their way into Terminal A at Mineta San Jose International Airport near the Hawaiian Airlines gates, April 21, 2014, in San Jose, Calif.

VOA Exclusive: Teen Stowaway's Father Says Allah Protected Son

Abdilahi Yusuf Abdi tells VOA's Somali service he was stunned to learn his son had made the risky trip to Hawaii in the wheel well of a Boeing jetliner More

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In Southern Thailand, Human Trafficking On The Risei
Steve Sandford
April 23, 2014 5:26 PM
Cases of human trafficking are on the rise in Southern Thailand as authorities struggle to control criminal gangs transporting illegals across the border to other destinations. Steve Sandford reports on the exploitation and abuse that many of the victims face in their journey to escape the oppression in Burma, also known as Myanmar.

Video In Southern Thailand, Human Trafficking On The Rise

Cases of human trafficking are on the rise in Southern Thailand as authorities struggle to control criminal gangs transporting illegals across the border to other destinations. Steve Sandford reports on the exploitation and abuse that many of the victims face in their journey to escape the oppression in Burma, also known as Myanmar.

Video Pro-Russian Separatists Plan 'Federalization Referendum' in Eastern Ukraine

Pro-Russian separatists in eastern Ukraine say they plan to move forward next month with a referendum vote for greater autonomy, despite the Geneva agreement reached with Russia, the U.S. and Ukraine to end the political conflict. VOA's Brian Padden reports from the city of Donetsk in Eastern Ukraine.

Video Pope Francis Hopes Dual Canonizations Will Reconcile Church

On April 27, two popes - John the XXIII and John Paul II - will be made saints in a ceremony at St. Peter’s Square. VOA religion correspondent Jerome Socolovsky says the dual canonization is part of the current pope’s program to reconcile liberals and conservatives in the Roman Catholic Church.

Video In Capturing Nature's Majesty, Film Makes Case for Its Survival

French filmmaker Luc Jacquet won worldwide acclaim for his 2005 Academy Award-winning documentary "March of the Penguins". Now Jacquet is back with a new film that takes movie-goers deep into the heart of a tropical rainforest - not only to celebrate its grandeur, but to make the case for its survival. VOA's Rosanne Skirble reports.

Video Pet Kangaroo Helps Spread Environmental Message

Children’s author Julia Heckathorn travels the world to learn about different ecosystems and endangered animals. She pours her knowledge into children’s books, hoping the next generation will right the environmental wrongs of our times. As in many children's books, the main character in Heckathorn's stories is an animal. Unlike those other characters, though, this one is real - a kangaroo, that lives in the author’s backyard. VOA’s Penelope Poulou has more.

Video Boston Marathon Bittersweet for Many Runners

Monday's running of the Boston Marathon was bittersweet for many of the 36,000 participants as they finished the run that was interrupted by a double bombing last year. Many gathered along the route paid respect to the four people killed as a result of two bombings near the finish line. VOA's Carolyn Presutti returned to Boston this year to follow two runners, forever changed because of the crimes.

Video International Students Learn Film Production in World's Movie Capital

Hollywood - which is part of Los Angeles - is the movie capital of the world, and many aspiring filmmakers go there in hopes of breaking into the movie business. Mike O'Sullivan reports that regional universities are also a magnet for students who hope to become producers or directors.

Video Some Multi-National Companies Ignoring Western Sanctions Against Russia

Western sanctions are hurting Russia’s economy. That’s according to the country’s economic minister, who says Russia’s economic output is shrinking as investors take their money elsewhere. But some western companies are bucking that trend -- expanding business interests in Russia - even as the U.S. and European allies consider wider sanctions to punish Moscow for annexing Crimea and destabilizing eastern Ukraine. Mil Arcega reports.


Army Pfc. Bradley Manning is escorted to a security vehicle outside a courthouse in Fort Meade, Maryland after a hearing in his court martial, August 20, 2013.

Wikileaks Scandal Soldier Gets New Name

Judge allows Bradley Edward Manning to become Chelsea Elizabeth Manning during brief hearing Wednesday More


FILE - Thai Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra

Thailand's Political Power Struggle Continues

Court gave Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra until May 2 to prepare her defense over abuse of power charges but uncertainty remains over election timing More


FILE - Kampala Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago (R) address the media outside the Buganda Magistrates court, Uganda.

Uganda Capital City Official Unhappy With Prolonged Court Battle

Kampala Lord Mayor says court cases have taken toll on family’s health, finances and plunged his political future into uncertainty More

Middle East

Iraqi security forces fire cannon during clashes with al Qaeda-linked Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIL), Jurf al-Sakhar, south of Baghdad, March 19, 2014.

Study: Mideast Military Expenditures Increasing

Stockholm International Peace Research Institute researchers say regional expenditures reached an estimated $150 billion in 2013 More


Officers of the Police Pacification Unit patrol next to a burning barricade during clashes at the Pavao Pavaozinho slum in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Tuesday, April 22, 2014.

Violent Protests Erupt Near Rio's Tourist Attractions

The rioting was sparked after word spread that the body of Douglas Rafael da Silva Pereira, a dancer on Brazil's Globo television network, had been discovered More


Donetsk Residents Anxious for Return to Normal Life

Video Donetsk Residents Anxious for Return to Normal Life

Many residents are concerned Ukraine's decision to restart what it calls 'anti-terrorist operations' against separatists could draw entire region into military confrontation with Russia More


FILE - A woman gets a vaccination from a nurse in Mexico City, Jan. 27, 2014.

Vaccinations Save Millions of Lives Every Year

Experts warn if a sufficient number of people in a community are not immunized vaccine-preventable diseases come back More

Economy & Business

FILE - President Barack Obama speaks at the LBJ Presidential Library, Thursday, April 10, 2014, in Austin, Texas.

Video Pacific Rim Trade Deal Proves Elusive

Trans-Pacific Partnership, or TPP, a pillar of President Barack Obama's engagement in Asia, and certain to be a key topic of discussion on his trip this week More


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Saxophonist Craig Handy has an exciting new band called 2nd Line Smith, which combines the organ-jazz repertoire of Jimmy Smith with the “second line” rhythms of New Orleans parade music. Craig Handy joins "Beyond Category" host Eric Felten at Washington’s Bohemian Caverns jazz club to talk about the music and perform with the band.

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