Video Greece Tows Migrant Ship to Safety Off Crete

Wind-battered vessel of 700 migrants rescued days after EU asylum policy draws stinging criticism from Pope More

UN: Most African Nations to Miss 2015 MDG Goals

Nations also aren't on course to halve poverty by next year, and progress in reducing hunger is slow More

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Relatives hold pictures of missing students of the Ayotzinapa Teacher Training College during a protest march demanding the government find them, in Zumpango, in the southern Mexican state of Guerrero, Nov. 27, 2014.

Mexican Leader Announces Nationwide Crime Crackdown

Announcement comes as Mexican authorities find 11 mutilated bodies in violence-racked Guerrero state More



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Sierra Leonean in US Sends Medical Supplies Home to Combat Ebolai
Deborah Block
November 26, 2014 8:25 PM
On Thanksgiving day in the United States, Americans give thanks for their blessings. Among them is Bobby Smith, who emigrated to here 25 years ago from Sierra Leone. To give back, three years ago Smith began a small volunteer organization, Hope for Lives in Sierra Leone, to help the disadvantaged in his homeland -- one of the poorest countries in the world. As VOA’s Deborah Block reports, he now is sending medical supplies to help combat Ebola, which continues to devastate Sierra Leone.

Video Sierra Leonean in US Sends Medical Supplies Home to Combat Ebola

On Thanksgiving day in the United States, Americans give thanks for their blessings. Among them is Bobby Smith, who emigrated to here 25 years ago from Sierra Leone. To give back, three years ago Smith began a small volunteer organization, Hope for Lives in Sierra Leone, to help the disadvantaged in his homeland -- one of the poorest countries in the world. As VOA’s Deborah Block reports, he now is sending medical supplies to help combat Ebola, which continues to devastate Sierra Leone.

Video Holiday Shopping Erodes Thanksgiving Tradition, Many Say

Americans celebrate Thanksgiving on Thursday, a time when family and friends share a hearty meal and express gratitude for the things they have. But in recent years, more retailers have begun using the day to get a head start on the holiday shopping season, and Thanksgiving traditionalists aren't happy about it. VOA's Mil Arcega reports.

Video The End of AIDS Could be Within Reach

This year's World AIDS Day focuses on how to achieve an AIDS-free generation. The United Nations predicts that if prevention and treatment services are scaled up, the epidemic will no longer be a global threat in 15 years. But if goals are not met, the pandemic could get worse. VOA's Carol Pearson reports.

Video Italian Espresso Expands Into Space

Italian-style espresso coffee has devotees around the world, with a growing number of people abandoning a regular cup of coffee for the thicker brew. Now, Italian coffee machine makers are working to create a device that will be able to produce espresso in weightless conditions on the International Space Station. Zlatica Hoke reports.

Video Chinese Tourism to US Expected to Grow

San Francisco is a major stop for Chinese visitors, and an agreement between China and the United States, announced in Beijing this month (in November), promises to draw even more Chinese tourists to US destinations. VOA's Mike O'Sullivan spent a day in San Francisco, California, with some visitors from China to learn why they are coming.

Video Online Magazine Gets Kids Discussing Big Questions

Teen culture in America is often criticized for being superficial. But an online magazine has been encouraging some teenagers to explore deeper issues, and rewarding their efforts. VOA religion reporter Jerome Socolovsky went to this year’s Kidspirit awards ceremony in New York.

Video For Obama, Ferguson Violence is a Personal Issue

Throughout the crisis in Ferguson, Missouri, President Barack Obama has urged calm, restraint and respect for the rule of law. But the events in Ferguson have prompted him to call — more openly than he has before — for profound changes to end the racism and distrust that he believes still exists between whites and blacks in the United States. VOA White House correspondent Luis Ramirez reports.

Video Future Uncertain for Asian Immigrants Facing Deportation in US

In the debate about immigration in the United States, one group often overlooked is the estimated 1.3 million illegal immigrants from Asia. President Barack Obama’s recent executive order can provide a temporary reprieve from deportation to about 400,000 of these people, but for many more, the future is uncertain. VOA's Elizabeth Lee reports.

Video US Community Kicks Off Thanksgiving With Parade

Thursday is Thanksgiving in the United States, a holiday whose roots go back to the country's earliest days as a British colony. One way Americans celebrate the occasion is with parades. Anush Avetisyan takes us to one such event on the day before Thanksgiving near Washington, where a community's diversity is on display. Joy Wagner narrates

Video Pentagon Says 'Business as Usual' After Hagel Resignation

The Pentagon is making assurances that it's “business as usual” following Monday's resignation of U.S. Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel. VOA Pentagon correspondent Carla Babb has this report narrated by Carolyn Presutti on some of the challenges that will face Hagel's successor.

Video Efforts Underway to Reduce Confrontations Between Police and Young African Americans

The shooting of an unarmed black teenager by a white police officer in Ferguson, Missouri in August 9 touched off days of unrest and racial tension in the suburb outside Saint Louis. The incident also highlighted the problem of racial animosity between police and Ferguson's African American community. Now, some African-Americans parents and social workers are talking to young people about how to act when stopped by police. VOA's Chris Simkins has more on the story.

Video In China’s Guangzhou, Ebola and Crackdown on Illegals Hits Trade Hard

China has not recorded a case of Ebola, but the disease is affecting trade in southern Guangzhou, the city with the biggest African population in Asia. At a time of anxiety over infections, authorities have launched an intensified crackdown on visa over stayers and illegal businesses. VOA’s Bill Ide recently visited Xiaobei, a key African trading hub in the city.

Video Protests Reveal Lingering Racial Divisions in US

Americans are divided over a grand jury decision not to indict the white police officer who killed an unarmed black teenager in a suburb of St. Louis, Missouri. Some are angered by what they see as injustice toward African Americans, while others call for respect for the legal process. The shooting death in Ferguson has brought to the surface unresolved racial tensions that still exist in this country. Zlatica Hoke reports.

Video Ferguson Remains Tense in Wake of Decision in Teen's Shooting

National Guard troops continue to stand guard in Ferguson, Missouri, after violent protests followed the announcement that a grand jury did not indict Officer Darren Wilson in the shooting death of Michael Brown. The racially charged case in which Wilson, a white local policeman, killed the unarmed black teen triggered demonstrations around the country. VOA’s Victoria Macchi reports.

Video French Far-right National Front Reveals Russian Financing

France’s far-right National Front has admitted taking a multimillion-dollar loan from a bank controlled by Russia, the latest evidence of growing links between the Kremlin and far-right groups across Europe. The revelation comes as the French government postpones indefinitely a contract to deliver two warships for Russia. Henry Ridgwell reports.

Video Israel on Iran Talks: No Deal Better Than Bad Deal

Israel has expressed satisfaction over the extension of the Iran nuclear talks, saying no deal is better than a bad deal in the negotiations to remove any Iranian nuclear weapons capability. VOA’s Scott Bobb reports from Jerusalem.

Video Global Climate Deal a Step Closer, but at Least One Year Away

Climate watchers will be focused on Lima, Peru, as representatives of 200 countries gather December 1 for critical negotiations on a new climate treaty that would replace the Kyoto Protocol, the global agreement that expired in 2012. As VOA’s Rosanne Skirble reports, hopes for success in this round of talks are boosted by recent agreements among the world’s top polluters.

Video Group Advocates Dimming Lights to Reclaim Night Sky

For a really good look at the night sky, stay out of the city. Artificial light — from street lamps, buildings, signs and cars — diminishes visibility of the nighttime sky. VOA’s Rosanne Skirble joins an advocate for darker skies in Washington, D.C., where his group wants to dim the lights for people's health and the health of the planet.

Video 'World’s Best Rice' Title Could Boost Cambodian Rice Exports

For the third year in a row, Cambodia’s premier rice has been voted the world’s best at the World Rice Conference. The award, which it shares this year with Thailand, comes at a time when Cambodia is looking at rice exports as a way to increase incomes for its many impoverished subsistence farmers.

Video Asia Seeks to Improve Vital Birth Registrations

This week government ministers from Southeast Asia are meeting in Bangkok to discuss how to improve official registrations of births, deaths and marriages - critical measures for providing government services. Thailand has had notable success but issues remain, especially with birth registrations for children of migrant workers. VOA Correspondent Steve Herman reports from Samut Prakan.

Video VOA EXCLUSIVE: Hotel in Guangzhou Serves as China’s Loose Ebola Quarantine

Like many countries, China is taking extensive steps to keep the deadly Ebola virus from reaching its shores. But the government has released little information about just what those measures include. During a recent visit to China’s southern port Guangzhou, the city with the biggest African population in all of Asia, VOA’s Bill Ide got a first hand look at the hotel where travelers from Ebola hit countries are required to stay while being monitored by health workers.


VIDEO: When President Obama visited Standing Rock Native American Reservation earlier this year, he praised Sioux tribal leaders’ efforts to revitalize their Lakota language. Now the White House is preparing to host more than 500 tribal representatives for an annual conference on December 3. VOA correspondent Aru Pande has more.

Video Native Americans Work to Save Language

For students at Sitting Bull College, learning tongue of their great grandparents a cultural preservation effort More


Afghan security forces inspect a British embassy vehicle that was targeted in a suicide attack in Kabul, Nov. 27, 2014.

Photogallery Explosions, Gunfire in Kabul Diplomatic Quarter

Heavily armed Taliban insurgents raid highly secure diplomatic area hours after suicide attackers blow up a British embassy vehicle, killing five and wounding dozens along a busy stretch of highway More


Sudan - South Sudan map

Tribal Clashes Kill at Least 130 in Sudan

Ziyoud, Awlad Omran clans have been fighting for several days over disputed land in West Kordofan More

Middle East

A photo of some of the U.K. news sites attacked by the Syrian Electronic Army (SEA), Thursday, Nov. 27, 2014.

UK Media Websites Hacked by Syrian Electronic Army

Among those hit were the London newspapers Daily Telegraph, Independent and Evening Standard, which reported that other news organizations had also been targeted More

Science & Technology

Video Italian Espresso Expands Into Space

When Italian astronaut Samantha Cristoforetti headed for the ISS, her countrymen worried how she would survive six months drinking only instant coffee More

Arts & Entertainment

A scene from the original 1947 production of Allegro.

Rodgers and Hammerstein Flop Gets 2nd Chance

Allegro, a rare miss for the legendary musical team of Rogers and Hammerstein, is getting a rare revival off-Broadway More

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