Integration Versus Security Poses Dilemma for SE Asia

Southeast Asia’s planned economic integration in the coming years is hoped to boost economic growth by lowering barriers to trade and travel More

Human Rights Groups Plan to Keep Pressure on North Korea

A top UN human rights investigator has held meetings with North Korean diplomats about a possible visit to assess the country's practices More

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FILE - Laborers disembark a Palestinians-only bus before crossing through Israel's Eyal checkpoint as they returns to the West Bank, near Qalqilya.

In Israel, Palestinian Bus Ban Slammed as Racist

A proposed law would require Palestinians who work in Israel to return to the West Bank using the same checkpoint where they entered, in practice meaning Palestinian workers would no longer be able to use the same buses as Israeli settlers More

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Solar Power Plant in Africa to Supply Europei
October 29, 2014 4:19 AM
By 2018, a large solar power plant in the Tunisian part of the Sahara desert may start sending power to energy-hungry Western Europe. The company running the plant says once it is fully operational it will generate almost twice as much electricity as an average nuclear plant and supply two million homes in Europe. VOA’s George Putic reports.

Video Solar Power Plant in Africa to Supply Europe

By 2018, a large solar power plant in the Tunisian part of the Sahara desert may start sending power to energy-hungry Western Europe. The company running the plant says once it is fully operational it will generate almost twice as much electricity as an average nuclear plant and supply two million homes in Europe. VOA’s George Putic reports.

Video Texas Voter ID Law Discourages Some Voters

The US Supreme Court recently upheld the Texas voter identification law - which requires voters to show an approved form of picture ID in order to vote at a poll. Critics of the law say it puts an undue burden on poor people, minorities, the elderly and disabled. VOA’s Greg Flakus reports from Houston.

Video Kerry Working 'Quietly' to Restart Mideast Peace Process

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry says he is working “quietly” to restart an Israeli-Palestinian peace process. VOA State Department Correspondent Scott Stearns reports, Kerry is facing many of the same challenges that contributed to the collapse of talks earlier this year, including new Israeli settlements.

Video Ebola Misery in Liberia's Capital Monrovia

There have now been more than 4,800 reported deaths from Ebola, with Liberia the worst affected country. Around 50 new cases are being reported every day in the capital Monrovia. BBC's Gabriel Gatehouse reports from Monrovia on the risks front-line workers are facing.

Video Modern Technology Helping Weather Predictions

Severe storms that cause heavy damage throughout the world are a reminder of how important it is to be able to predict the weather. A meteorological exhibition in Brussels earlier this month featured the latest technology to help improve out ability to forecast the weather and better prepare for its effects. VOA’s George Putic has more

Video US Health Official Criticizes Ebola Quarantine Protocols in NY, NJ

Divisions have emerged between top U.S. health officials and two state governors who imposed rigorous quarantine protocols for American medical professionals returning from Ebola-stricken African nations. VOA’s Michael Bowman reports that New York and neighboring New Jersey took steps on their own after New York registered its first Ebola case - that of a Doctors Without Borders physician who had worked in the West African nation of Guinea.

Video Rare Look Inside a US Immigrant Detention Center (On Assignment 10.24.14)

VOA's Jerome Socolovsky talks with On Assignment's Alex Villarreal about his recent coverage of one of the largest immigrant detention centers in the U.S. and a volunteer group focused on helping the detainees inside.

Video Authorities Look for Motive in Canadian Shootings

Police in Canada are investigating recent shooting incidents in Ottawa and near Montreal that have killed two soldiers and spooked the nation. Zlatica Hoke reports that U.S. and Canadian air forces have been put on high alert following the Wednesday shooting in Canada's capital.

Video Iconic American Journalist Ben Bradlee Dies at 93

A giant of American journalism, former Washington Post editor Ben Bradlee, has died at age 93. VOA’s Michael Bowman reports that Bradlee played a critical role in the Post’s legal battle to publish secret U.S. documents about the Vietnam War, and oversaw the newspaper’s groundbreaking probe of the Watergate scandal that led to the resignation of President Richard Nixon in 1974.

Video Ebola Orphanage Opens in Sierra Leone

Sierra Leone's first Ebola orphanage has opened in the Kailahun district. Hundreds of children orphaned since the beginning of the Ebola outbreak face stigma and rejection with nobody to care for them. Adam Bailes reports for VOA about a new interim care center that's aimed at helping the growing number of children affected by Ebola.

Video Kobani Refugees Welcome, Turkey Criticizes, US Airdrop

Residents of Kobani in northern Syria have welcomed the airdrop of weapons, ammunition and medicine to Kurdish militia who are resisting the seizure of their city by Islamic State militants. The Turkish government, however, has criticized the operation. VOA’s Scott Bobb reports from southeastern Turkey, across the border from Kobani.

Video After Decades of Pressure, Luxembourg Drops Bank Secrecy Rules

European Union finance ministers have reached a breakthrough agreement that will make it more difficult for tax cheats to hide their money. The new legislation, which had been blocked for years by countries with a reputation as tax havens, was approved last week after Luxembourg and Austria agreed to lift their vetoes. But as Mil Arcega reports, it doesn’t mean tax cheats have run out of places to keep their money hidden.

Video Young Nairobi Tech Innovator on 'Track' in Security Business

A 24-year-old technology innovator in Nairobi has invented a tracking device that monitors and secures cars. He has also come up with what he claims is the most robust audio-visual surveillance system yet. As Lenny Ruvaga reports from the Kenyan capital, his innovations are offering alternative security solutions.

Video US ‘Death Cafes’ Put Focus on the Finale

In contemporary America, death usually is a topic to be avoided. But the growing “death café” movement encourages people to discuss their fears and desires about their final moments. VOA’s Jerome Socolovsky reports.


U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Samantha Power speaks during a lecture regarding the Ebola virus at the Residence Palace in Brussels, Oct. 30, 2014.

US Envoy to Push for Greater Ebola Response in EU Speech

WHO warns that transmission of Ebola 'remains intense' in capitals of Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone More


FILE - Myanmar President Thein Sein delivers a statement concluding the Association of Southeast Asian Nations leaders Summit in Naypyitaw, Myanmar.

Myanmar President Calls Meeting of Top Army, Political Officials

Summit, to be held Friday in capital Naypyidaw, will bring together six political parties, including that of longtime democracy leader Aung San Suu Kyi More


Map of Cameroon

Cameroon Journalists Rally for Colleagues Barred From Reporting

Colleagues say Felix Cyriaque Ebole Bola of 'Mutations,' Rodrigue Tongue of 'Le Messager,' were detained this week to answer charges relating to national security More

Arts & Entertainment

FILE - Mindy Kaling arrives at the 66th Primetime Emmy Awards in Los Angeles, California, Aug. 25, 2014.

Comedian Kaling Tweets About Being Mistaken for Malala

Star, of Indian descent, took to her Twitter feed to laugh off an incident in which a man at a party mistook her for 17-year-old Pakistani activist More


FILE - A Philippine health worker assists a colleague with protective suits and equipment during the "One Nation, One Direction for EBOLA Prevention" training at the Research Institute for Tropical Medicine hospital in Alabang, Muntinlupa, south of Manila.

Global Infection Outbreaks Rise over Past 30 Years

Communicable illnesses range from exotic, including Ebola, to more common strains of influenza, hepatitis, tuberculosis More

Economy & Business

The United States Federal Reserve Board building is shown in Washington Oct. 28, 2014.

Video Fed Ends Bond-buying Program, Keeps Rates Low

Federal Reserve experts say improving economy no longer needs stimulus that cost US Treasury billions of dollars per month More

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