Video Rights Monitor: Hate Groups' Use of Internet to Inflame, Recruit Growing

Wiesenthal Center's Abraham Cooper says extremists have become skilled at celebrating violence, ideology on Web More

US Border Patrol Union Accused of Taking Sides on Immigration

Report alleges agents leaking info to immigration opponents, appearing at their private events; Center for Immigration Studies director defends agents' actions More

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FILE - An image made available by propaganda Islamist media outlet Welayat Halab allegedly shows the trademark Jihadist flag positioned in the Mishtenur area, a plateau south of Kobani, Syria.

State of Superstition: IS Beheads 2 Women for Sorcery

Executions are latest in long line of barbaric killings carried out by militants — although witchcraft accusations are bizarre even for group immersed in Dark Age world view More

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Blind Somali Journalist Defies Odds in Mogadishui
Abdulaziz Billow
June 30, 2015 2:16 PM
Despite improving security in the last few years, Somalia remains one of the most dangerous countries to be a journalist – even more so for someone who cannot see. Abdulaziz Billow has the story of journalist Abdifatah Hassan Kalgacal, who has been reporting from the Somali capital for the last decade despite being blind.

Video Blind Somali Journalist Defies Odds in Mogadishu

Despite improving security in the last few years, Somalia remains one of the most dangerous countries to be a journalist – even more so for someone who cannot see. Abdulaziz Billow has the story of journalist Abdifatah Hassan Kalgacal, who has been reporting from the Somali capital for the last decade despite being blind.

Video Syrians Flee IS Advance in Hasaka

The Syrian government said Monday it has taken back one of several districts in Hasaka overrun by Islamic State militants. But continued fighting elsewhere in the northern city has forced thousands of civilians from their homes. In this report narrated by Bill Rodgers, VOA Kurdish Service reporter Zana Omer describes the scene in Amouda, where some of the displaced are taking refuge.

Video Rabbi Hits Road to Heal Jewish-Muslim Relations in France

France is on high alert after last week's terrorist attack near the city Lyon, just six months after deadly Paris shootings. The attack have added new tensions to relations between French Jews and Muslims. France’s Jewish and Muslim communities also share a common heritage, though, and as far as one French rabbi is concerned, they are destined to be friends. From the Paris suburb of La Courneuve, Lisa Bryant reports about Rabbi Michel Serfaty and his friendship bus.

Video US Gay Marriage Ruling Yields Real-life Impact

Friday’s landmark Supreme Court decision legalizing same-sex marriage throughout the United States is an outcome few thought possible just years ago, and shows a nation that increasingly tolerates and even celebrates the hopes and aspirations of gay people. VOA’s Michael Bowman spoke to a same-sex couple that will benefit from the high court ruling, and to a Christian scholar who is apprehensive about its potential consequences for America’s faith community.

Video One-Person Flying Vehicles Close to Reality

Smart phones, essentially pocket-sized computers, we already have. Flying drones with cameras are available to everybody. Robots and self-driving cars are just around the corner. Now, two groups of inventors say very soon we will be able to try flying platforms and flying bikes. VOA’s George Putic has more.

Video S. Korea Christians Protest Gay Rights Festival

The U.S. Supreme Court decision mandating marriage equality nationwide has energized gay rights supporters around the world. Gay rights remain a highly contentious issue in a key U.S. ally, South Korea, where police did a deft job Sunday of preventing potential clashes between Christian protesters and gay activists. Kurt Achin reports from Seoul.

Video NY Transit Authority Seeks to Bar Ads for Muslim-Themed Film

The New York City transit system is being challenged in court by two Muslim comedians who want to advertise their new film on subways. The Metropolitan Transit Authority says the film contains disputed, pro-Muslim content, and it wants to block the ads, but the plaintiffs say that's a violation of their free-speech rights. VOA’s Bernard Shusman reports.

Video Street Sport Parkour Flourishes in Kirkuk, Despite Tensions

Parkour, a French-born pastime involving leaping and vaulting, is finding followers in the northern Iraqi city of Kirkuk, which has been threatened by the so-called Islamic State. Despite the constant tension and the presence of military checkpoints throughout the city, a thriving parkour scene has emerged. VOA's John Owens reports.

Video Nubians in Kenya Face Land Challenges

East Africa's ethnic Nubians have a rich cultural history that dates back thousands of years, but in Kenya they are facing hardships, including the loss of lands they have lived on for generations. They say the government has reneged on its pledge to award them title deeds for the plots. VOA's Lenny Ruvaga reports.

Video Two Charleston Political Leaders Speak Out on Race, Gun Control

Charleston, South Carolina, residents have been left reeling after a white attacker opened fire at a historic black church, killing nine people. The gunman entered Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church during a bible study session and began shooting. The attack has raised a number of recurring issues in America, from race, to gun control, to hate crime. VOA’s Cal Perry spoke with two political leaders from the state. Andrew Palczewski narrates his report.

Video Military Experts Question New Russian Tank Capabilities

Russia has been showing off its new tank design – the Armata T-14. Designers claim it is 20 years ahead of current Western designs - and driving it feels like playing a computer game. But military analysts question those assertions, and warn the cost could be too heavy a burden for Russia’s struggling economy. Henry Ridgwell reports.

Video Britain Struggles to Stem Flow of Radicalized Youth to Islamic State

The debate over the radicalization of young Muslims has been ignited in Britain, following several high profile cases of British citizens traveling to fight with Islamist militants. It follows the revelation earlier this year that ‘Jihadi John’, the masked Islamic State fighter seen in many propaganda videos, is a British citizen. Henry Ridgwell reports on the heated debate over how to counter such extremism.

Video Chemical-Sniffing Technology Fights Australia's Graffiti Vandals

Cities and towns all over the world spend huge amounts of resources battling graffiti writers who deface buildings, public transport vehicles and even monuments. Authorities in Sydney, Australia, hope a new chemical-sniffing technology finally will stop vandals from scribbling on walls in the passenger areas of commuter trains. VOA’s George Putic has more.


Barbed wire is seen in front of a European Union flag at an immigration reception center in Bicske, Hungary, June 25, 2015.

Austria, Hungary, Serbia Call for Help in Migrant Crisis

Countries call on EU to step up efforts to fight human smuggling through the Balkans and not just focus on southern immigration routes More


FILE - A man is sprayed with disinfectant after he celebrated the memory of a loved one who died due to the Ebola virus at a newly build grave yard for Ebola virus victims in Monrovia, Liberia, Wednesday, March 11, 2015. Liberians held a church service Wednesday

Ebola Returns to Liberia

Liberian health minister tells VOA teenager died June 24 and was given safe burial the next day More

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FILE - Fred Hochberg, Chairman and President of the Export-Import Bank of the United States, holds up a copy of the bank's Default Rate Report as he testifies before a congressional committee June 4, 2015 on Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C.

US Export-Import Bank Expires as Political Fight Continues

With charter for controversial government agency that helps US companies export goods running out, some hopeful entity can be saved More

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