Video Analysts: Frayed US-Russia Relations Predate Ukraine Crisis

Recent arrest of three alleged Russian spies is latest in series of points of contention between two nations More

WHO Focus on Ebola Shifts to Ending Outbreak

Focus to be less on building facilities and more on efforts to find infected people, manage their cases, engage with communities and ensure proper burials More

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Tatang Kurniadi, left, chief of the National Transportation Safety Committee (NTSC), holds a model plane during a news conference in Jakarta, Jan. 29, 2015.

AirAsia 8501 Ascended, Then Stalled Before Crash

Investigators say plane's voice recorder indicated that 'stall' warning came on during plane's ascent and continued until it hit the water More

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Smartphones About to Make Leap, Carry Basic Sensesi
George Putic
January 28, 2015 8:06 PM
Long distance communication contains mostly sounds and pictures. For now. But scientists in Britain say they are close to creating additions for our smartphones that will make it possible to send taste, smell and even a basic touch. VOA’s George Putic reports.

Video Smartphones About to Make Leap, Carry Basic Senses

Long distance communication contains mostly sounds and pictures. For now. But scientists in Britain say they are close to creating additions for our smartphones that will make it possible to send taste, smell and even a basic touch. VOA’s George Putic reports.

Video MRI Seems to Help Diagnose Prostate Cancer, Preliminary Study Shows

Just as with mammography used to detect breast cancer, there's a lot of controversy about tests used to diagnose prostate cancer. Fortunately, a new study shows doctors may now have a more reliable way to diagnose prostate cancer for high risk patients. More from VOA's Carol Pearson.

Video Weekly Protests in Korea Keep Japanese WWII Atrocities Alive

Every week in Seoul protesters gather in front of the Japanese Embassy to demand an apology and reparations from Tokyo for the thousands of South Korean women who were forced into prostitution during World War II. Although this year marks the 70th anniversary of the end of the war, these protestors have helped keep the issue of comfort women alive and made it difficult for Japan to move beyond its past wartime atrocities. VOA's Brian Padden reports from Seoul.

Video NASA Monitors Earth’s Vital Signs From Space

The U.S. space agency, NASA, is wrapping up its busiest 12-month period in more than a decade, with three missions launched in 2014 and two this month, one in early January and the fifth scheduled for January 29. As VOA’s Rosanne Skirble reports, the instruments being lifted into orbit are focused on Earth’s vital life support systems and how they are responding to a warmer planet.

Video Saved By a Mistake - an Auschwitz Survivor's Story

Dagmar Lieblova was 14 when she arrived at Auschwitz in December 1943, along with her entire Czech Jewish family. All of them were to die there, but she was able to leave after several months due to a bureaucratic mix-up which saved her life. Now 85, with three children and six grandchildren, she says she has a feeling of victory. This report by Ahmad Wadiei and Farin Assemi, of RFE/RL's Radio Farda is narrated by RFE’s Raymond Furlong.

Video Somalia Aims to Improve Lives of Children

Somalia's president signed into law the Convention on the Rights of the Child on January 20. Somalia’s children continue to face daily challenges posed by conflict, displacement, malnutrition and disease. One in seven die before reaching the age of five and fewer than half of the children attend school. Abdulaziz Billow reports from Mogadishu on what, if anything, this new law will do to help improve the lives of the youngest Somalis.

Video NYC Officials Defend Shutting Down City for Blizzard That Wasn't

Winter Storm Juno, as it's being called, dumped as much as 60 centimeters (almost 2 feet) of snow on parts of the northeastern United States but failed to live up to its "historic" billing in New York City. Still, officials there are defending their decision to effectively shut the city down ahead of the storm. VOA's William Gallo reports.

Video 'Eyes on the Sea' Curtail Illegal Fishing

Illegal fishing accounts for 20 percent of the global market -- one out of every five fish caught. That’s worth $23.5 billion a year. "Fishing Piracy" on the high seas -- as some call it -- hastens fishery decline, threatens food security, depletes economic resources and harms the environment. As VOA’s Rosanne Skirble reports, a new high-tech tool to patrol the world's oceans and bring criminals to justice was introduced at a video news conference.


FILE - Philippine Foreign Affairs Secretary Albert Del Rosario, right, welcomes Vietnamese Foreign Minister Pham Binh Minh for their 7th Meeting of the Philippines-Vietnam Joint Commission for Bilateral Cooperation (JCBC) in Manila, Philippines, Aug. 1, 2013 .

Philippines, Vietnam Upgrade Ties in Show of Unity Against China

Vietnamese foreign minister began day-two visit to Manila for talks to build a strategic partnership and strengthen security, trade and cultural ties More


FILE - Soldiers from the Democratic Republic of Congo take positions near its border with Rwanda after fighting broke out in eastern Congo, June 12, 2014.

Congo Declares Start of Campaign Against Rwandan Hutu Rebels

FDLR, whose estimated 1,400 fighters include ethnic Hutu soldiers who took part in Rwanda's 1994 genocide, have been at the heart of years of conflict More

Middle East

Activist Shaimaa Sabbagh is shown collapsed on the ground after she was shot during a protest in Cairo January 24, 2015.

Women Rally in Cairo to Demand Probe Into Protester Deaths

Activist Shaimaa Sabbagh, others were allegedly shot by security forces as they marked anniversary of 2011 anti-Mubarak uprising More


Rolando Jimenez, a spokesman for LGBT rights group Movilh, holds a champagne bottle and celebrates with group members after the Chilean Congress passed a bill recognizing civil unions in Valparaiso, Chile, Jan. 28, 2015.

Chilean MPs Approve Measure Allowing Civil Unions

Bill will give many legal rights afforded to married couples to about two million more Chileans - mostly unmarried heterosexuals but also gay couples More

Science & Technology

File - In this March 9, 2005, file photo, Charles Townes speaks after winning the Templeton Prize in New York. Townes, the co-inventor of the laser and a Nobel laureate in physics, has died. He was 99.

US Scientist Who Conceived of Groundbreaking Laser Technology Dies

Charles Townes, Nobel laureate, laser co-creator paved way for other scientific discoveries: CDs, eye surgery, metal cutters to name a few technologies that rely on lasers More


Members of the armed forces of the separatist self-proclaimed 'Donetsk People's Republic' drive an armored vehicle on the outskirts of Donetsk Jan. 22, 2015.

Russia Warns West of ‘Big Catastrophe’ Over Ukraine

Moscow's envoy to European security watchdog OSCE urges the United States and Europe on Thursday to stop supporting the 'party of war' in Ukraine More


Video Study: MRI with Ultrasound Produces Better Biopsy Results for Prostate Cancer

Data indicates that if a man's male relatives had prostate cancer, his risk of getting it could be up to three times higher than normal More

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