Multimedia Obama Hikes Melting Glacier, Presses World on Climate

President makes call during three-day visit to Alaska where he is attending a summit on Arctic environmental issues More

Video UN: Palmyra Temple Destruction a 'Crime Against Civilization'

UNESCO chief says her agency will do all it can to protect 'all that can be saved' from Islamic State militants More


FILE - Azerbaijani Khadija Ismayilova, a reporter for Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty

Azerbaijani Reporter Sentenced to 7.5 Years in Prison

Award-winning investigative journalist for Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty, Khadija Ismayilova, dismisses trial as 'scam' meant to silence her More


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Girls Learn What It Takes to Become a Police Officeri
September 01, 2015 10:55 AM
The recent news of two women passing grueling U.S. Army ranger training for the first time definitely put the 'power' into women's empowerment. It's obvious on a local level, too, as a county police force near Washington, DC, is putting out the word they also want more women in uniform. VOA's June Soh has more in this report narrated by Amy Katz.

Video Girls Learn What It Takes to Become a Police Officer

The recent news of two women passing grueling U.S. Army ranger training for the first time definitely put the 'power' into women's empowerment. It's obvious on a local level, too, as a county police force near Washington, DC, is putting out the word they also want more women in uniform. VOA's June Soh has more in this report narrated by Amy Katz.

Video Survivor Video Testimonies Recount Horrors of Guatemalan Genocide

Next year marks the 20th anniversary of the end of the civil war in Guatemala. During the conflict that spanned more than 3 decades, tens of thousands of indigenous Mayans were killed in what is known as the "Guatemalan Genocide." Researchers are now collecting video testimonies of the survivors to preserve their memories of what happened. Elizabeth Lee reports from Los Angeles.

Video War, Drought Threaten Iraq's Marshlands

Iraq's southern wetlands are in crisis. These areas are the spawning ground for Gulf fisheries, a resting place for migrating wildfowl, and source of livelihood for fishermen and herders. Faith Lapidus has more.

Video Rebuilding New Orleans' Music Scene

Ten years after Hurricane Katrina inundated New Orleans, threatening to wash away its vibrant musical heritage along with its neighborhoods, the beat goes on. As Bronwyn Benito and Faith Lapidus report, a Musicians' Village is preserving the city's unique sound.

Video Will VP Biden Enter US Presidential Fray?

A big question mark remains on the list of U.S. presidential hopefuls – will Vice President Joe Biden enter the race on the Democratic side, joining former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Senator Bernie Sanders? VOA’s Michael Bowman reports, the answer could come any day now and put an end to weeks of speculation and intrigue in Washington and beyond.

Video Scientist Calls Use of Fetal Tissue in Medical Research Essential

An anti-abortion group responsible for secret recordings of workers at a women's health care organization claims the workers shown are offering baby parts for sale, a charge the organization strongly denies. While the selling of fetal tissue is against the law in the United States, abortion and the use of donated fetal tissue for medical research are both legal. VOA’s Julie Taboh reports.

Video Presidential Hopefuls Keep Busy Weekend Schedule

U.S. presidential candidates have scheduled meetings this weekend with groups supporting their respective parties. Democratic hopefuls are in Minnesota to address the Democratic National Committee's annual summer meeting. Republican candidates are taking their campaign messages to supportive groups across the United States. VOA's Zlatica Hoke reports from Washington.

Video In Russia, Auto Industry in Tailspin

Industry insiders say country relies too heavily on imports as inflation cuts too many consumers out of the market. Daniel Schearf has more from Moscow.

Video Cubans Embrace New Internet Connectivity Options

The re-establishment of diplomatic relations between Cuba and the United States has opened the door to better access to the Internet on the island, where in the past it was almost impossible to connect with the outside world. With Amy Katz narrating, VOA's Celia Mendoza reports.

Video Hurricane Katrina Brought Enduring Changes to New Orleans

Nearly a decade has passed since the city of New Orleans and many of its suburbs were devastated by flooding resulting from the failure of levees to hold back Hurricane Katrina’s storm surge. Most of the infrastructure and housing has been restored, and trade, commerce and tourism are flourishing. But, as VOA’s Greg Flakus reports from New Orleans, Katrina changed the city’s population mix.


Republican presidential candidate, former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush, takes questions from the news media following a town hall at La Progresiva Presbyterian School, Tuesday, Sept. 1, 2015, in Miami.

Republican Bush Steps Up Criticism of Donald Trump

In campaign video, Bush uses Trump's own words in support of Democrat Hillary Clinton, higher taxes to make the case he is not a conservative More


North and South Waziristan, Khyber, Pakistan

Pakistan Suicide Blast Kills 4, Wounds Dozens

Deadly blast occurs in mountainous Khyber district where Pakistani security forces are conducting counter-militancy operations More


FILE - South African President Jacob Zuma, center, gathers with delegates at the opening session of the AU summit in Johannesburg, June 14, 2015.

Zuma Impeachment Bid Fails in South Africa

Debate begins with Democratic Alliance leader accusing president of failing to uphold constitution when he allowed Sudanese president to leave country More


FILE - Dead fish are pictured on the banks of Guanabara Bay in Rio de Janeiro, Feb. 24, 2015.

Rio Olympics Official: Water Will Be Clean for Games

Recent report says waters so contaminated with bacteria and viruses from human sewage that athletes could become ill More

Science & Technology

Video 'Part-Time Scientists' Compete to Put a Rover on Moon

Challenge is to land a privately-funded rover on lunar surface, travel 500 meters, and transmit back high definition video and images - all at a fraction of what a typical NASA mission costs More

Arts & Entertainment

Singer Rihanna attends the "RiRi by Rihanna" fragrance launch at Macy's on Aug. 31, 2015, in the borough of Brooklyn, N.Y.

Rihanna Excited to Celebrate 10 Years in Music Industry

Popular singer, who just launched her new fragrance RiRi at Macy's New York, says work on her new album ' is going really, really great' More


FILE - WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange gestures during a news conference at the Ecuadorian embassy in central London, August 18, 2014.

Sweden Optimistic Over Assange Questioning

Prosecutors who recently dropped cases of lesser sexual misconduct against 44-year-old WikiLeaks founder want to discuss accusations of rape More


Study: Lack of Sleep Could Increase Risk of Common Cold

Study found that people getting less than six hours of sleep per night were four times more likely to catch a cold More

Economy & Business

FILE - Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer smiles during a session at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland.

Yahoo Chief Pregnant with Twins

Marissa Mayer's Tumblr post says she and her husband are expecting twin girls in December More

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