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Midterm Elections 2010

Midterm Elections 2010

Midterm Elections 2010

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The balance of power tipped towards the Republican Party in Tuesday's key midterm elections in the United States, as voters sent a message of discontent to the Congress and President Barack Obama. Republicans wrested control of the House of Representatives from the Democrats, but stopped short of capturing the Senate.

Americans also cast ballots for governors, state lawmakers and other local officials, including mayors. There were also many local initiatives in states across the country covering taxes, government spending and social issues that were decided on Election Day: one of the most high profile - whether or not to legalize marijuana - was rejected in the state of California.

Some Senate and gubernatorial races remained undecided long after polls closed Tuesday evening. But the overall message that analysts had predicted heading into the elections was clear: many Americans are frustrated just two years after the historic election of the nation's first African-American president. Much of that discontent has been driven by a stagnant economy and a persistently high unemployment rate.

Can a person who was not born in the US be elected to Congress ?

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Answer - Yes, but you must have held US citizenship for 7 years

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