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Independence West is an international entertainment, pop culture, sports and current events show.

November 2013

November 22, 2013

Independence West, November 22, 2013

John F. Kennedy's cultural legacy; China's one-child policy; and the FIFA World Cup 2014 after this week's final qualifier playoffs. With Robert and Roger.

November 08, 2013

Independence West, November 8, 2013

Is Russia's Vladimir Putin the most powerful man in the world? What is Turkish oil wrestling? And who's looking set to win the upcoming playoffs and make it to next year's FIFA World Cup in Brazil? With Robert and Rohit.

November 2013
November 2013

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November 2013

We are the most diverse team in international media: We trace our origins back to Iran, Mexico, India, Haiti, Ivory Coast and the Democratic Republic of the Congo, among others. We all live in Washington and work in different sections of the Voice of America. We like to chat amongst ourselves - and with other smart people - about international sports, pop culture, entertainment and current events.

Robert D., Rohit Kulkarni, Ramon C. Taylor, Roger Muntu and France Houessou and their friends now bring you Independence West, VOA's newest and hippest online show! They're inviting you to join the ride. In coming weeks and months, they'll be talking, among other things, about cricket's Indian Premier League; the World Athletics championships; the new "Star Trek: Into Darkness" movie; the German and Australian general elections; the Australian "AFL Grand Final" football match; Hong Kong gangstger movies; street food culture; and, of course, the Champions' League Final in late May at Wembley Stadium, London.

So here we are now, launching ID West. Listen to us on this site every week and join the the conversation on Twitter and Facebook.


Feature Story

Relatives of a passenger aboard the sunken ferry Sewol weep as they pay tribute to the victims of the ship at a group memorial altar in Ansan, South Korea, May 4, 2014.

Teen Survivors Tell of Chaos as South Korea Ferry Sank

Six teenage survivors who testified Monday described how they were given repeated orders not to move from their cabins More