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Join host Carol Castiel for this 30-minute weekly newsmaker program that provides listeners around the globe with information and insights on a wide range of topics spanning U.S. politics, foreign policy, global health, science and culture. Carol and other panelists interview bestselling authors, analysts, U.S. government officials, ambassadors and foreign heads of state about critical issues.

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Friday November 27, 2015

SIR PETER WESTMACOTT, BRITISH AMBASSADOR TO THE US In the aftermath of the terror attacks in Paris, host Carol Castiel speaks with Sir Peter Westmacott, British Ambassador to the US, about Britain's role in combating the so-called Islamic State, the need for tighter border controls in Europe despite the Schengen rules, the UK's take on how to deal with European Islamists, especially those who have been further radicalized in Syria, how to reach a political solution to the Syrian civil war (role of Russia and Iran), Britain's upcoming referendum on EU membership, and Climate Change Conference in Paris.

November 20, 2015

Press Conference USA

HON. ANDRE CARSON & AMB. JAMES JEFFREY Host Carol Castiel and VOA Congressional Correspondent Cindy Saine, speak with Congressman Andre Carson, a Democrat from the state of Indiana and member of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, and Ambassador James Jeffrey, a Distinguished Fellow at The Washington Institute for Near East Policy about the US strategy to defeat the so-called Islamic State in Iraq, US policy toward Syria, Russia’s intervention in Syria, and response to the heinous attacks on Paris.

November 13, 2015

Press Conference USA

MICHAEL WEISS Host Carol Castiel, and English Division Reporter Iakovos Balassi speak with Michael Weiss, Senior Editor at The Daily Beast, and Editor in Chief of the Interpreter, an online journal that translates and analyzes Russian media, about his critically-acclaimed and New York Times bestselling book, "ISIS: Inside the Army of Terror". DISCLAIMER: This interview was recorded before the terror attacks in Paris.

November 06, 2015

Press Conference USA

CHARLES TAYLOR Host Carol Castiel speaks with Charles Taylor, Emeritus Professor of Philosophy at McGill University in Canada and recipient of the prestigious John W. Kluge Prize for Achievement in the Study of Humanity by the Library of Congress, to discuss his work in the field of political philosophy, especially his thoughts about the role of religion in society, climate change, the refugee crisis, and US foreign policy.

October 30, 2015

Press Conference USA

SCIENCE EDITION: EXPLORATION OF MARS Humankind has long been fascinated by the planet Mars. Discoveries made by the various probes, orbiters and rovers that have been exploring the Red Planet over the years have made many of us quite excited about the possibility of someday sending humans to visit our neighbor in the Solar System. On this Science Edition of Press Conference USA, host Rick Pantaleo talks with guests from NASA and the Mars Society about the past, present and future of the exploration of Mars.

October 23, 2015

Press Conference USA

GARRY KASPAROV & NICKOLAY MLADENOV World chess champion and human rights advocate Garry Kasparov previews his forthcoming book “Winter is Coming: Why Vladimir Putin and the Enemies of the Free World Must be Stopped,” which is to be released on October 27th. Also joining host Carol Castiel on this two-part program is Nickolay Mladenov, UN Special Coordinator for the Middle East Process, previously UN Special Representative for Iraq, who discusses challenges facing Iraq and Syria and the need for immediate action toward a two-state solution before the escalating tensions in Jerusalem spiral out of control.

October 16, 2015

Press Conference USA

SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT GOALS From the sidelines of the 70th UN General Assembly, Host Carol Castiel speaks with senior UN official Nikhil Chandavarkar about the recently approved 17 Sustainable Development Goals, which aim to eradicate poverty and control climate change by the year 2030. Chandavarkar tells VOA how and why the SDG’s are more ambitious in scope and magnitude than their predecessors, the Millennium Development Goals.

October 09, 2015

Press Conference USA

NICKOLAY MLADENOV From the sidelines of the 70th UN General Assembly in New York, host Carol Castiel speaks with Nickolay Mladenov, UN Special Coordinator for the Middle East Peace Process, about prospects for renewing bilateral and regional talks. Mladenov, a Bulgarian diplomat who served as Bulgaria’s Minister of Defense and Foreign Affairs, calls Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas’ recent assertion that Palestinians are no longer bound by the 1995 Oslo Peace Accords, an “alarm bell,” and should, along with the uptick in violence in Jerusalem and the rise of radicalism emanating from conflicts in Syria and Iraq, be an incentive for bold initiatives to end the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and create a two-state solution.

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Carol Castiel

As Director of Current Affairs Programming in VOA's English Division, Carol Castiel is responsible for producing Press Conference USA, Encounter, and Issues in the News.  Carol moderates and produces Press Conference USA and Encounter. She also oversees the production of Issues in the News, VOA’s roundup of the week’s top stories by distinguished Washington journalists.

Before joining the Voice of America, Carol was a consultant/freelance journalist specializing in the promotion of trade and investment between the United States and Africa. She was also a contributing editor to the London-based West Africa Magazine. Carol is fluent in Portuguese, French, and Spanish. She holds an M.A. degree in International Affairs from the University of Pittsburgh.

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