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Lava Inches Toward Hawaii Homes

This photo provided by the U.S. Geological Survey shows the lava flow front of from an eruption that began the June 27, as the front remains active and continues to advance towards the northeast threatening the town of Pahoa on Hawaii's Big Island, Oct. 26, 2014.

October 28, 2014 3:48 AM
Geologists say the front of the flow is 70 meters from the town of Pahoa and could reach it within the next day More

Video Maryland Troops Join the Ebola Fight in Liberia

The U.S. military has already provided hundreds of troops to help fight the spread of Ebola in West Africa, and this week another 22 are leaving their families and friends in Maryland to join that fight. VOA Pentagon correspondent Carla Babb attended their departure ceremony at Aberdeen Proving Grounds, and she found a young group eager to make a difference.

Video US Ambassador Hails Ukraine's Election as Watershed Event

The United States has hailed Ukraine's parliamentary election as an important step in the country's development. Exit polls and partial counts from the Sunday vote show an overwhelming support for pro-Western parties, giving President Petro Poroshenko a mandate to steer the country away from Russia and toward mainstream Europe. Zlatica Hoke reports.

Video Audio Tapes Open Window to Muhammad Ali's Private Life

Filmmaker Clare Lewins said she hopes audiences will come away from the documentary with a better understanding of Ali's complex character

Video Audio Tapes Open Window to Muhammad Ali's Private Life

'I Am Ali,' a new documentary by Clare Lewins, offers an intimate portrait of boxing legend Muhammad Ali, through anecdotal audio tapes he recorded with family and friends by the end of his career. VOA’s Penelope Poulou has more.

Man Convicted of Chinese Students' Deaths

Javier Bolden convicted of murders of two University of Southern California students from China

Jailed Vietnamese Blogger Freed to Go to US

Authorities offered Dieu Cay choice of leaving or serving out rest of 12-year term

Video Haunted House Attraction Brings Out Screams

On Halloween brave souls go door to door in search of candy, and flock to haunted house attractions in search of thrills

Video Haunted House Attraction in Virginia Brings Out Screams

October 31 is Halloween - a day when the souls of the dead are said to walk the earth. Festive activities include costumed children going door to door trick or treating for candy, costume parties and haunted house attractions, like a mansion in Leesburg, Virginia.

Video US Issues New Ebola Guidelines for Health Workers

Announcement comes as Obama administration clashes with state governments that have imposed quarantines on doctors, nurses who have been in Ebola zones

Senate Report: Afghan Spending Should Be Conditioned Based

Panel says future assistance should be allocated by how new Afghan government appoints top positions within key ministries

Video Comanche Chief Quanah Parker’s Century-Old House Falling Apart

One of the most fascinating people in U.S. history was Quanah Parker, the last chief of the American Indian tribe, the Comanche. He was the son of a Comanche warrior and a white woman who had been captured by the Indians. Parker was a fierce warrior until 1875 when he led his people to Fort Sill, Oklahoma, and took on a new, peaceful life. As VOA’s Greg Flakus reports from Cache, Oklahoma, Quanah’s image remains strong among his people, but part of his heritage is in danger of disappearing.

Hawaii Residents in Lava's Path Prepare for Evacuation

Officials say lava flow from Kilauea Volcano, advancing at 10-15 meters per hour, will inevitably reach the village of Pahoa

Growing Numbers of 'Wild Swimmers' Undeterred by Cold Water

More fitness enthusiasts are trading comfort of a pool for workout in open water - diving into lakes, rivers and oceans almost any time of the year - for sport and camaraderie

Photogallery Last US, British Forces Airlifted From Afghan Base

Withdrawal of remaining troops from combined base of Camp Leatherneck-Camp Bastion was carried out over 24 hours of near-continuous flights between Helmand and Kandahar Air Field

Pacific Trade Talks Progress but Gap Between US, Japan Lingers

The US insists Japan lower barriers to agricultural imports, but Japan wants to protect sensitive products

Photogallery Second Student in Washington State School Shooting Dies

Gia Soriano, 14, died late Sunday night, two days after she and four other students were gunned down in the cafeteria at Marysville-Pilchuck High School

Multimedia US Isolates Troops After Ebola Efforts in West Africa

US Ambassador to the UN Samatha Power, on a tour this week of the countries most affected by Ebola outbreak, said the 'scale of need is staggering'

Video Divisions on Ebola Quarantine Procedures Emerge in US

Federal, state officials at odds over whether isolation of people suspected of having contracted virus should be voluntary or mandatory

Video US Health Official Criticizes Ebola Quarantine Protocols in NY, NJ

Divisions have emerged between top U.S. health officials and two state governors who imposed rigorous quarantine protocols for American medical professionals returning from Ebola-stricken African nations. VOA’s Michael Bowman reports that New York and neighboring New Jersey took steps on their own after New York registered its first Ebola case - that of a Doctors Without Borders physician who had worked in the West African nation of Guinea.

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Talks to Resume on Winter Gas for Ukrainei
Al Pessin
October 25, 2014 4:21 PM
Ukrainian and Russian officials will meet again next week in an effort to settle their dispute over natural gas supplies that threatens to leave Ukraine short of heating fuel for the coming winter. VOA’s Al Pessin reports from London the dispute is complex, and has both economic and geopolitical dimensions.

Video Talks to Resume on Winter Gas for Ukraine

Ukrainian and Russian officials will meet again next week in an effort to settle their dispute over natural gas supplies that threatens to leave Ukraine short of heating fuel for the coming winter. VOA’s Al Pessin reports from London the dispute is complex, and has both economic and geopolitical dimensions.

Video Smugglers Offer Cheap Passage From Turkey to Syria

Smugglers in Turkey offer a relatively cheap passage across the border into Syria. Ankara has stepped up efforts to stem the flow of foreign fighters who want to join Islamic State militants fighting for control of the Syrian border city of Kobani. But porous borders and border guards who can be bribed make illegal border crossings quite easy. Zlatica Hoke has more.

Video China Political Meeting Seeks to Improve Rule of Law

China’s communist leaders will host a top level political meeting this week, called the Fourth Plenum, and for the first time in the party’s history, rule of law will be a key item on the agenda. Analysts and Chinese media reports say the meetings could see the approval of long-awaited measures aimed at giving courts more independence and include steps to enhance an already aggressive and high-reaching anti-corruption drive. VOA’s Bill Ide has more from Beijing.

Video After Decades of Pressure, Luxembourg Drops Bank Secrecy Rules

European Union finance ministers have reached a breakthrough agreement that will make it more difficult for tax cheats to hide their money. The new legislation, which had been blocked for years by countries with a reputation as tax havens, was approved last week after Luxembourg and Austria agreed to lift their vetoes. But as Mil Arcega reports, it doesn’t mean tax cheats have run out of places to keep their money hidden.

Video Kobani Refugees Welcome, Turkey Criticizes, US Airdrop

Residents of Kobani in northern Syria have welcomed the airdrop of weapons, ammunition and medicine to Kurdish militia who are resisting the seizure of their city by Islamic State militants. The Turkish government, however, has criticized the operation. VOA’s Scott Bobb reports from southeastern Turkey, across the border from Kobani.

Video US ‘Death Cafes’ Put Focus on the Finale

In contemporary America, death usually is a topic to be avoided. But the growing “death café” movement encourages people to discuss their fears and desires about their final moments. VOA’s Jerome Socolovsky reports.

Video Ebola Orphanage Opens in Sierra Leone

Sierra Leone's first Ebola orphanage has opened in the Kailahun district. Hundreds of children orphaned since the beginning of the Ebola outbreak face stigma and rejection with nobody to care for them. Adam Bailes reports for VOA about a new interim care center that's aimed at helping the growing number of children affected by Ebola.

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