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US Olympic Swimming Legend to Make Comeback

FILE - United States' Michael Phelps swims in the men's 4 X 100-meter medley relay at the Aquatics Center in the Olympic Park during the 2012 Summer Olympics in London.

April 14, 2014
USA Swimming announced Phelps, who retired from the sport after taking six medals at the 2012 London Olympics, will make his competitive comeback next week More

Video Man to Face Hate Crimes Charges in Kansas Shooting

Frazier Glenn Cross, longtime white supremacist and Ku Klux Klan member, under arrest in connection with shootings that killed 3 on Sunday

Q&A with US Amb. Geoffrey Pyatt: Ukraine Crisis Escalates as War Fears Grow

US ambassador to Ukraine discusses crisis in Ukraine, including potential for large-scale violence and roles of Russia and the US, with VOA’s Natasha Mozgovaya

CBO: Declining Health Care Costs Will Lower US Budget Deficit

Non-partisan Budget Office says fiscal 2014 deficit would fall to $492 billion from $514 billion estimated in February

US Condemns Russian Jet Passes Near Ship in Black Sea

Pentagon officials say Russian aircraft made 12 passes over USS Donald Cook in international waters, did not respond to attempts to communicate

US Sky-watchers Ready for Total Lunar Eclipse Tuesday

Rare celestial show before dawn on Tuesday unfolds as Earth's shadow falls across the moon, shifting its color from bright orange to blood red to brown

SpaceX Cargo Run to Space Station Reset for Friday

A Helium leak on Falcon 9 prompted Monday's cancellation; the next opportunity for the capsule to fly is 3:25 p.m. (1925 GMT) Friday if the problem is resolved, NASA said in a statement

Obama Decries Religious Violence

Speaking at White House prayer breakfast, president says 'nobody should have to worry about their security' while they worship or gather for prayer

Boston Marathoners Vow to Take Back Sacred Race

Officials stopped race last year, after two pressure cooker bombs exploded near the finish line, killing three people and injuring more than 260

Reuters, Guardian US, Washington Post, Boston Globe Win Pulitzer Prizes

United States' most prestigious journalism awards honor news reporting, photography and literature

Gunman Kills 3 at US Jewish Centers

Police Chief John Douglass called it a 'vicious act of violence,' but said more has to be known before it could be labeled a hate crime

US Lists 10 More ‘False’ Russian Claims on Ukraine

‘Russian fiction’ list rebuts, point by point, assertions Russia has made about its professed non-involvement in Ukraine

Bubba Watson Wins Masters Golf Title for Second Time

Watson shot three-under-par (69) in the final round on Sunday

Video US Warns Russia Anew on Eastern Ukraine

The United States says Russia appears to be employing the same tactics in eastern Ukraine that were used to seize and annex Crimea earlier this year. VOA’s Michael Bowman reports, the Obama administration says it stands ready to impose new sanctions against Moscow if Ukraine’s sovereignty is violated once again.

Photogallery Large Crowds Enjoy Washington's Cherry Blossom Season

After a doggedly cold winter that lasted until a few short weeks ago, visitors and locals alike enjoy idyllic spring weather for cherry blossom season. The trees were a gift from Japan 102 years ago.

The CIA’s Cultural War Against Soviet Russia

How the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) used books, art and paintings to undermine Soviet Russia and win the hearts of Europe's intellectuals

Video US Gas Could Help Europe, But Not Yet

As Russia continues to raise its natural gas prices to Ukraine, some people are looking to American gas as a way to ease Europe's energy dependence on Russia. But, as VOA's Kent Klein reports, it's a solution that's still several years off.

Biden to Visit Kyiv as Conflict with Russia Escalates

White House says vice president's April 22 visit aims to demonstrate high-level US support for Ukraine

'Boston Strong' Photo Shoot Draws Thousands

Sports Illustrated Boston Marathon bombings anniversary issue features cover photo of survivors, emergency responders and city officials

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Ukraine, Russia, United in Faith, Divided in Politicsi
Michael Eckels
April 19, 2014
There is a strong historical religious connection between Russia and Ukraine. But what role is religion playing in the current conflict? In the run-up to Easter, Michael Eckels in Moscow reports for VOA.

Video Ukraine, Russia, United in Faith, Divided in Politics

There is a strong historical religious connection between Russia and Ukraine. But what role is religion playing in the current conflict? In the run-up to Easter, Michael Eckels in Moscow reports for VOA.

Video Face of American Farmer is Changing

The average American farmer is now 58 years old, and farmers 65 and older are the fastest growing segment of the population. It’s a troubling trend signaling big changes ahead for American agriculture as aging farmers retire. Reporter Mike Osborne says a new report from the U.S. Census Bureau is suggesting what some of those changes might look like... and why they might not be so troubling.

Video Donetsk Governor: Ukraine Military Assault 'Delicate But Necessary'

Around a dozen state buildings in eastern Ukraine remain in the hands of pro-Russian protesters who are demanding a referendum on self-rule. The governor of the whole Donetsk region is among those forced out by the protesters. He spoke to VOA's Henry Ridgwell from his temporary new office in Donetsk city.

Video Drones May Soon Send Data From High Seas

Drones are usually associated with unmanned flying vehicles, but autonomous watercraft are also becoming useful tools for jobs ranging from scientific exploration to law enforcement to searching for a missing airliner in the Indian Ocean. VOA’s George Putic reports on sea-faring drones.

Video New Earth-Size Planet Found

Not too big, not too small. Not too hot, not too cold. A newly discovered planet looks just right for life as we know it, according to an international group of astronomers. VOA’s Steve Baragona has more.

Video Copts in Diaspora Worry About Future in Egypt

Around 10 percent of Egypt’s population belong to the Coptic faith, making them the largest Christian minority in the Middle East. But they have become targets of violence since the revolution three years ago. With elections scheduled for May and the struggle between the Egyptian military and Islamists continuing, many Copts abroad are deeply worried about the future of their ancient church. VOA religion correspondent Jerome Socolovsky visited a Coptic church outside Washington DC.

Video Critics Say Venezuelan Protests Test Limits of Military's Support

During the two months of deadly anti-government protests that have rocked the oil-rich nation of Venezuela, President Nicolas Maduro has accused the opposition of trying to initiate a coup. Though a small number of military officers have been arrested for allegedly plotting against the government, VOA’s Brian Padden reports the leadership of the armed forces continues to support the president, at least for now.

Video More Millenials Unplug to Embrace Board Games

A big new trend in the U.S. toy industry has more consumers switching off their high-tech gadgets to play with classic toys, like board games. This is especially true among the so-called millenial generation - those born in the 1980's and 90's. Elizabeth Lee has more from an unusual café in Los Angeles, where the new trend is popular and business is booming.

Video Google Buys Drone Company

In its latest purchase of high-tech companies, Google has acquired a manufacturer of solar-powered drones that can stay in the air almost indefinitely, relaying broadband Internet connection to remote areas. It is seen as yet another step in the U.S. based Web giant’s bid to bring Internet to the whole world. VOA’s George Putic reports.