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Currency Squabbles Threaten to Tangle Trade Talks

March 05, 2015 6:31 PM
Free-trade skeptics say some nations manipulate currency values to give exports unfair price advantage More

Video Currency Squabbles Threaten to Tangle Trade Talks

The Obama administration is working hard to make new trade deals, such as the Trans Pacific Partnership with 11 Pacific nations. But getting those deals signed by trading partners and approved in Congress will mean resolving many differences, including one over how nations manage their currencies. VOA's Jim Randle reports.

Republican Majority in Congress Off to Rough Start

Standoff over Homeland Security funding exposes philosophical, tactical problems within party

Video Muslims Long Thrived in N Carolina Before Slaying of 3 Students

The killings of three Muslim students in North Carolina early last month came as Muslims across the United States have felt under siege, partly as a result of terrorist attacks being committed internationally in the name of their faith. But Muslims have long thrived in university cities in this part of the American South. VOA's Jerome Socolovsky reports.

Video Craft Brewers Taking Hold in US Beer Market

Since the 1950’s, the U.S. beer industry has been dominated by a handful of huge breweries. But in recent years, the rapid rise of small craft breweries has changed the American market and, arguably, the way people drink beer. VOA’s Jeff Custer reports.

Photogallery Motive Unknown in Attack on US South Korea Ambassador

Lippert, treated for gash on his face, damage to tendons and nerves in his arm, later tweets he and his family are deeply moved by outpouring of support

Pentagon to Focus More on Hack-proofing Weapons

Defense Undersecretary says he plans to add cybersecurity to next phase of 'better buying power' initiative; and be included in guidelines for buying weapons

Video 50 Years Later African-Americans See New Voting Rights Battles Ahead

Thousands of people will gather to mark the 50th anniversary of a historic civil rights march on March 7th in Selma, Alabama. In 1965, dozens of people were seriously injured during the event known as “Bloody Sunday,” after police attacked African-American demonstrators demanding voting rights. VOA’s Chris Simkins introduces us to some civil rights pioneers who are still fighting for voting rights in Alabama more than 50 years later.

Brown Family to Sue City of Ferguson, Officer

Announcement comes day after US Justice Department announced it would not bring civil rights charges against officer Darren Wilson

Video Winter Storm Blankets, Bogs Down Northeast US

Thousands of flights canceled, hundreds of drivers stranded and schools closed as snowstorm slammed large swath of states from Texas to New England

US Reportedly Warns About American Youths Seeking to Join IS

Latest in the trend was a 17-year-old Woodbridge, Virginia boy, believed to have used online contacts to arrange travel for a man to go to Syria to join Islamic State, who is now in custody

Video Report: Human Rights in Annexed Crimea Deteriorating

A new report by Freedom House and the Atlantic Council of the United States says the human rights situation in Crimea has deteriorated since the peninsula was annexed by Russia in March of last year. The report says the new authorities in Crimea are discriminating against minorities, suppressing freedom of expression, and forcing residents to assume Russian citizenship or leave. Zlatica Hoke has more.

US Layoffs Rise, Though Job Market Remains Healthy

Foul winter weather may have fueled furloughs for 7,000 more who sought unemployment aid

Popular US Circus to Phase Out Elephant Acts

By ending century-old display of Asian elephants, Ringling Brothers, Barnum & Bailey bow to growing public concern about how giant animals are treated

Video Lost US Airline Bags Find New Homes in Alabama

Losing your luggage at the airport can be a hassle. Most U.S. flyers get them back eventually. But what happens to the bags that are never reclaimed? Some of them, and all the contents inside, end up at a store in the southern U.S. state of Alabama. In this story narrated by Adrianna Zhang. She and Enming Liu report that bargain hunters scoop these items up for rock-bottom prices.

UN Official: Fight Against Terrorism Must Not Violate Human Rights

UN High Commissioner for Human Rights says efforts by states to combat terrorism are resulting in large scale rights violations against the very citizens they claim to defend

Video 50 Years Later African-Americans See New Voting Rights Battles Ahead

March 7th will mark the 50th anniversary of 'Bloody Sunday' a historic civil rights march in Selma, Alabama; some civil rights pioneers recall the struggles then and now

'Pure Carnage' Recalled at Boston Marathon Trial

Dzhokhar Tsarnaev's lawyer admitted the 21-year-old was involved in the deadly 2013 attack in her opening statement to the jury

Photogallery Kerry Tries to Reassure Gulf Allies on Iran Deal

Kerry tells Gulf state allies that any nuclear agreement would include US commitment to combating Tehran's destabilizing actions in Middle East and beyond

US Official: Review of Clinton Emails to Take Months

Clinton is under fire for using her personal email address to conduct official business during her tenure as America's top diplomat

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Video Claims to Show Shia Forces in Iraq Executing Sunni Boyi
Jeff Seldin
March 05, 2015 2:36 AM
A graphic mobile phone video is spreading on the Internet, claiming to show Iraqi forces or Shia militia executing a handcuffed Sunni boy. Experts have yet to verify the video, but already Islamic State followers are publicizing it across social media, playing on deep-rooted sectarian fears. VOA’s Jeff Seldin reports.

Video Video Claims to Show Shia Forces in Iraq Executing Sunni Boy

A graphic mobile phone video is spreading on the Internet, claiming to show Iraqi forces or Shia militia executing a handcuffed Sunni boy. Experts have yet to verify the video, but already Islamic State followers are publicizing it across social media, playing on deep-rooted sectarian fears. VOA’s Jeff Seldin reports.

Video Ukrainian Authorities Struggle to Secure a Divided Mariupol

Since last month's cease-fire went into effect, shelling around the port city of Mariupol has decreased, but it is thought pro-Russian separatists remain poised to attack. For the city’s authorities, a major challenge is gaining the trust of residents, while at the same time rooting out informants who are passing sensitive information to the rebels. Patrick Wells reports for VOA.

Video Volunteer Gauge-Watchers Help Fine-Tune Weather Science

An observation system called CoCoRaHS is working to improve weather science, thanks to thousands of volunteers across the country who measure precipitation in their own backyards, then share their data through the Internet. VOA's Shelley Schlender reports.

Video NASA Spacecraft Approaches a Dwarf Planet

NASA’s Dawn spacecraft will make history on Friday, March 6, when it becomes the first man-made object to orbit a dwarf planet named Ceres. It is located in the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter, almost 500 million kilometers from Earth. Among other objectives, Dawn will try to examine two mysterious bright white spots detected on the planet’s surface. VOA’s George Putic has more.

Video Young Muslims Radicalized Online

Young Muslims are being radicalized ‘in their bedrooms’ through direct contact with Islamic State or ISIL fighters via the Internet, according to terror experts. There are growing concerns that authorities and Internet providers are not doing enough to counter online extremism - which analysts say is spread by a prolific network of online supporters around the world. Henry Ridgwell reports from London.

Video African Americans Recall 1960s Fight For Voting Rights

U.S. President Barack Obama and thousands of people will gather in the small southern U.S. city of Selma, Alabama, Saturday, March 7 to commemorate the 50th anniversary of a historic voting rights march that became known as “Bloody Sunday." VOA’s Chris Simkins traveled to Alabama and introduces us to some of the foot soldiers of the voting rights struggles of the 1960s.

Video Positive Messaging Transforms Ethiopia's Image

Ethiopia was once known for famine and droughts. Now, headlines more often point to its fast-growing economy and its emergence as a regional peacemaker. How has Addis Ababa changed the narrative? VOA's Marthe van der Wolf reports.

Video Cyber War Rages Between Iran, US

A newly published report indicates Iran and the United States have increased their cyber attacks on each other, even as their top diplomats are working toward an agreement to guarantee Iran does not develop a nuclear weapon and to free Iran from international sanctions. The development is part of a growing global trend. VOA’s Al Pessin reports from London.

Video Answers Elude Families of MH370 Passengers

For the families on board Malaysia Airlines flight MH370, an airline official’s statement nearly one year ago that the plane had lost contact with air traffic control at 2:40 AM is the only thing that remains confirmed. William Ide reports.

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