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February 13, 2013

UN Investigators Back in Iran for Nuclear Talks

by VOA News

United Nations investigators are in Iran for a new round of talks aimed at reaching an agreement to probe the country's nuclear program.

The meeting Wednesday follows an unsuccessful bid last month by the team from the International Atomic Energy Agency to reach a deal on accessing Iranian nuclear facilities.

On Tuesday, Iran raised the prospect of allowing inspectors to visit the Parchin military site, which Western nations suspect is related to nuclear weapons development. Iran says it is a conventional military site and that its country's nuclear program is strictly for peaceful purposes.

In multiple resolutions, the United Nations Security Council has demanded Iran suspend all enrichment-related activities and allow U.N. inspectors to access its nuclear facilities.

Also Wednesday, the International Energy Agency said it estimates Iran lost $40 billion in oil revenue last year, following sanctions by the United States and the European Union meant to pressure Iran for its nuclear activity.