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July 08, 2013

Several Killed in India Hotel Collapse

by VOA News

Officials in the southern Indian city of Secunderabad say a two story hotel collapsed early Monday, killing at least six people and injuring about 12 others.

Authorities say rescue workers are searching through the collapsed City Light hotelfor several people trapped in the rubble and it is feared that the death toll could rise.

Police said the building was very old and collapsed under its own weight.

Last month, an apartment building in the outskirts of India's financial capital of Mumbai collapsed, killing 10 people, including five children, and injuring nine others.


Building collapses are common in India, because builders often use substandard materials and multi-story structures are often built without adequate supervision.

In April, 74 people died in one of the worst building disasters in India's history, when a building being illegally constructed gave in.