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Egypt's Mubarak Released From Prison to House Arrest

Egypt's military-backed interim government has released former president Hosni Mubarak from prison, putting him under house arrest while he awaits prosecution on murder and corruption charges.

A helicopter transported Mr. Mubarak from Cairo's Tora prison to a military hospital near the capital on Thursday. The 85-year-old was not seen during the transfer.

Egyptian state television said Prime Minister Hazem el-Beblawi ordered the house arrest for Mr. Mubarak as part of emergency measures introduced this month.

Mr. Mubarak is on trial for murder in connection with the killings of hundreds of opposition protesters by security forces during the 2011 popular uprising that ended his 30-year authoritarian rule. He also has been charged with corruption.

The former president denies wrongdoing. He had been held in custody for more than two years as prosecutors filed charges against him on a rolling basis to keep him in jail while lengthy court proceedings continued.

But an Egyptian court ordered Mr. Mubarak's release this week, ruling that his pre-verdict detention had exceeded legal limits.

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