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Multiple People Wounded in Los Angeles Airport Shooting

Multiple people have been wounded in a shooting incident Friday at Los Angeles International Airport .

Authorities say a gunman opened fire after breaching an airport security area and continued shooting elsewhere in the facility, before being shot by police and taken into custody.

U.S. media are reporting an airport security agent was shot and killed in the incident, but authorities have not confirmed that.

Officials say seven people shot in the incident are being treated at a local hospital.

Police say they believe the gunman acted alone, but gave no details on the suspect's motive or identity.

Police reacted to the incident by surrounding the airport. One of the terminals at the airport was evacuated and flights were temporarily halted. Several hours after the incident occurred, officials said the situation at the airport was "static."

Witnesses described a chaotic scene at the airport earlier, with passengers scrambling to take cover when the shots rang out. They said it appeared the incident began near a security post where passengers' travel documents are examined, before their carry-on baggage is searched.

A White House spokesperson said President Barack Obama will continue to be updated on the incident.

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