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Seven Taliban Killed in Kabul Airport Attack

Afghan security forces killed seven heavily-armed Taliban fighters who launched a pre-dawn raid on Kabul's main airport, one of three separate attacks Monday on state facilities by insurgents around the country.

Elite Afghan troops stormed an airport compound occupied by the insurgents who were armed with rocket-propelled grenades, heavy machine guns and at least one large bomb. After several hours of gunbattles, officials said all seven of the insurgents were killed.

They were apparently targeting NATO's airport headquarters. There were no immediate reports of civilian or security force casualties.

In southern Zabul province, six militants wearing suicide vests attempted to storm the provincial council building. The insurgents and six others were killed in the attack. A female member of the council is among the wounded.

In Kandahar province, local officials have accused Taliban fighters of beheading two boys - aged 10 and 16 - for allegedly spying for security forces. A Taliban spokesman says the group was not responsible for the killings.

In other violence, Poland said one of its soldiers died when a roadside bomb exploded during a patrol in eastern Afghanistan, near Ghazni.

Poland has the fifth-largest contribution to the U.S.-led NATO coalition with about 1,700 troops in Afghanistan.

Most foreign combat troops are due to leave Afghanistan by the end of 2014.

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