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Yanukovych: I Was Forced to Leave Ukraine

Ousted Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych says he was forced to leave his country, and is ready to fight for the future of Ukraine.

In a Friday press conference from Rostov-on-Don, Russia, Mr. Yanukovych accused his opponents of trying to take control of Ukraine through terror and fear. He described the interim government in Kyiv as "illegitimate."

He said power was taken by what he called "fascist youngsters" who are the minority in Ukraine.

Mr. Yanukovych said the way out of the current situation is to implement an earlier agreement between him and the opposition to pave the way for elections later this year.

He said the violence that occurred during the recent unrest in Ukraine must be investigated. He also said the streets and squares of Kyiv must immediately be unblocked, and that armed people must leave the streets of the capital.

Mr. Yanukovych said he would like to say he is sorry to the Ukrainian people for what happened in the country. He said he did not have enough strength to keep stability and allowed the "lawlessness" in the country.

Mr. Yanukovych fled Kyiv last week and his exact whereabouts had been unknown. Ukraine's interim government issued an arrest warrant for him this week, accusing him and other officials of mass murder of protesters.

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