US Senate Blocks House Bill on Domestic Surveillance

Vote leaves June 1 deadline in limbo, as Majority leader McConnell, who strongly opposed House version, says Senate will return May 31 to discuss it again More

Video Battlefield Gains for IS Raise Fears of Assault on Baghdad

In past week, Islamist extremists have taken control of cities in Iraq and Syria, as well as last border crossing between two countries, raising fears assault on capital is next More

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New Approach Eases Refugee Suffering in Lebanon Camp

Inmaa camp in Bekaa valley seeking to make life easier for its residents by empowering them and taking a longer-term approach More

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FIFA Trains Somali Refereesi
Abdulaziz Billow
May 23, 2015 2:20 PM
As stability returns to the once lawless nation of Somalia, the world football governing body, FIFA, is helping to rebuild the country’s sport sector by training referees as well as its young footballers. Abdulaziz Billow has more from Mogadishu.

Video FIFA Trains Somali Referees

As stability returns to the once lawless nation of Somalia, the world football governing body, FIFA, is helping to rebuild the country’s sport sector by training referees as well as its young footballers. Abdulaziz Billow has more from Mogadishu.

Video Shi'ite Militias Battle Islamic State Militants in Beiji

The U.S. military said the international coalition it leads conducted 22 strikes in Iraq overnight, focusing on Ramadi, the IS stronghold of Mosul, and the area near the oil refinery of Beiji, as a convoy of Shi'ite Muslim militia and Iraqi army forces launched a counter-offensive against Islamic State militants near Ramadi.

Video Battlefield Gains for IS Raise Fears of Assault on Baghdad

Reports from Syria say the so-called Islamic State group, also known as ISIS or ISIL, has seized the last government-held border crossing to Iraq. It’s the latest in a series of territorial gains for the group, and there are mounting fears that it could soon launch an assault on the Iraqi capital. Henry Ridgwell looks at how Islamic State continues to fight on several fronts against coalition and government forces.

Video Obama Reassures US Jews That Iran Will Not Get Nuke

President Barack Obama insisted on Friday that Iran must not be allowed to get a nuclear weapon “under any circumstances.” He spoke during a visit to a Washington synagogue that is being seen as an effort to reassure American Jews about his commitment to Israel. VOA religion correspondent Jerome Socolovsky reports.

Video Debate Ignites Over Government Benefits, Training for Displaced Workers

As debate intensifies over whether to give Congress and the president the ability to "fast-track" proposed free trade agreements with Pacific and European countries, many Democrats and labor unions continue to champion a little-known program that provides financial assistance to American workers laid off as a result of increased international competition. Conservatives say the Trade Adjustment Assistance program should be abolished. A former steel worker disagrees. Mil Arcega has more for VOA.

Video With US Child Obesity Rates on the Rise, Program Promotes Health Eating

In its fifth year, FoodCorps puts more than 180 young Americans into 500 schools across the United States, where they focus on teaching students about nutrition, engaging them with hands-on activities, and improving their access to healthy foods whether in the cafeteria or the greater community. Aru Pande has more.

Video Fighting Islamic State, Kurds Among Few Making Gains

In a two-week offensive, Syrian Kurdish fighters of the YPG (People's Protection Units) recaptured dozens of villages and towns from Islamic State militants. It's one of the few successful anti-IS operations, as the militant group continues to take ground elsewhere in Syria and in neighboring Iraq. VOA Kurdish Service reporter Zana Omer is on the frontlines in Tal Shamiran, where the YPG are getting help from America, both in the air, and on the ground. Robert Raffaele narrates.

Video White House: No Plans to Send US Ground Troops to Iraq

Despite the Islamic State militant group’s taking this week of Iraqi city Ramadi and Syria’s Palmyra - the White House has made clear President Barack Obama has no plans to send U.S. troops into the region to “re-invade Iraq or invade Syria.” VOA correspondent Aru Pande has more from the White House.

Video Some AGOA Renewal Supporters Call For Amendments

The African Growth and Opportunity Act - a trade provision that allows thousands of products from African countries to enter the U.S. tax-free - is due to expire in September. While the U.S. Senate has recently passed legislation to extend the Act for another 10 years, it still has to go through the House of Representatives. Meanwhile, many say the program has only benefited a few sub-Saharan African countries and needs some revisions. Mariama Diallo reports.

Video Race Headlines Drive Curriculum in St. Louis Classroom

Violence and unrest across the country in response to deaths in police custody — as well as police-involved shooting deaths — is more than just a trending news item for students at Ladue Middle School near St. Louis Missouri. It’s the central focus of one class designed to engage students in open discussion about police brutality and racial tensions. VOA’s Kane Farabaugh has more.

Video Presidential Election Campaigning Underway in Iowa

Although the November 2016 presidential election is over a year and half away, campaigning to choose party nominees is already underway in Iowa - a key state because it holds a party caucus early in the election season. VOA’s Kane Farabaugh caught up with some of the presidential hopefuls on the campaign trail, and talked with voters who are sizing up the candidates.

Video Pro-Kurdish Party Reaches Out to Turkish Voters

In the midst of a general election season, Turkey, for the first time in its history, is seeing a pro-Kurdish party seeking to break through the 10 percent electoral threshold. Dorian Jones has more from Izmir, the country's third most-populous city.

Video US Lawmakers Debate Strategy After IS Gains

Islamic State militants have made significant gains in recent days, following temporary setbacks inflicted by coalition air strikes on their positions. The radical Islamist group seized the historic Syrian city of Palmyra Thursday just days after capturing Ramadi in Iraq. Republican lawmakers in the U.S. Congress are calling for greater U.S. military engagement against Islamic State, but the Obama administration rejects that strategy. Zlatica Hoke has more.

Video Cambodian Underwater Mine Team Finds Success

In Cambodia, an elite dive team – trained with U.S. support – has successfully completed its first mission to clear unexploded ordnance from waterways. On Thursday, divers recovered and defused a U.S.-made aircraft bomb dropped more than four decades ago during the country’s civil war. Robert Carmichael reports for VOA from Kandal province.

Video Mind-Controlled Prosthetics Are Getting Closer

Scientists and engineers are making substantial advances towards the ultimate goal in prosthetics – creation of limbs that can be controlled by the wearer’s mind. Thanks to sophisticated sensors capable of picking up the brain’s signals, an amputee in Iceland is literally bringing us one step closer to that goal. VOA’s George Putic reports.

Video Turkey's Main Opposition Party Hopes for Election Breakthrough

Turkey’s main opposition Republican People’s Party has sought an image change ahead of the June 7 general election. The move comes after suffering successive defeats at the hands of the Islamist-rooted AK Party, which has portrayed it as hostile to religion. Dorian Jones reports from the western city of Izmir.

Video Europe Follows US Lead in Tackling ‘Conflict Minerals’

Metals mined from conflict zones in places like the Democratic Republic of Congo are often sold by warlords to buy weapons. This week European lawmakers voted to force manufacturers to prove that their supply chains are not inadvertently fueling conflicts and human rights abuses. Henry Ridgwell reports from London.


Virginia Neighborhood Draws People to Nostalgic Main Street

Video Virginia Neighborhood Draws People to Nostalgic Main Street

Del Ray has a nostalgic feel with its unique stores and small restaurants - a main street that is vanishing across the US More


U.S. activist Gloria Steinem, seventh from right, two Nobel Peace Prize laureates and other activists march to the Imjingak Pavilion along the military wire fences near the border village of Panmunjom in Paju, north of Seoul, South Korea, May 24, 2015.

Women Activists for Peace Cross Korean DMZ

Governments of Koreas give international delegation of women peace activists permission to pass through heavily fortified boarder, but some critics say symbolic crossing only benefits Pyongyang More


People wait to vote at a polling station as Ethiopia's national election kicks off in capital Addis Ababa, May 24, 2015.

Little Drama in Ethiopia's National Elections

Ruling Ethiopian People's Revolutionary Democratic Front, in power for more than two decades, expected to be big winner More

Middle East

New Approach Eases Refugee Suffering in Lebanon Camp

Inmaa camp in Bekaa valley seeking to make life easier for its residents by empowering them and taking a longer-term approach More


Pilgrims gather before the start of the beatification ceremony for Roman Catholic Archbishop Oscar Romero in San Salvador, Salvador, May 23, 2015.

Pope Beatifies Murdered Salvadoran Archbishop

Hundreds of thousands of worshippers converge on Salvadoran capital to witness papal declaration for late Oscar Romero - now one step from Roman Catholic sainthood More

Arts & Entertainment

The band Il Volo representing Italy performs the song "Grande Amore" during the first dress rehearsal for the final of the upcoming 60th annual Eurovision Song Contest In Vienna, May 22, 2015.

Eurovision Casts Wide Talent Net for Its 60th year

Annual kitsch-fest, watched by more than 195 million people in 40 countries, was won last year by Austria's bearded drag queen Conchita Wurst More


The leader of leftist coalition Barcelona Together, Ada Colau, smiles before casting her vote in a polling station in Barcelona, Spain, May 24, 2015.

Spain Votes in Regional, Local Elections

Parties fueled by anti-austerity movement are hoping to challenge two-party system and dampen Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy, ruling conservative Popular Party's prospects of winning second term More


Delegate stands for a minute of silence in memory of the deceased health workers at the World Health Organization (WHO) assembly, May 18, 2015, Geneva.

WHO to Create New Program for Health Emergencies

WHO will set up a $100 million contingency fund to finance the emergency program, if the World Health Assembly approves it More

Economy & Business

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell speaks during a news conference on Capitol Hill in Washington, May 19, 2015.

Senate Approves Obama's 'Fast-track' Trade Bill

Lawmakers vote 62-37 in favor of Trade Promotion Authority bill; president’s trade agenda faced opposition from some members of his Democratic Party, who tried to block its passage More


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