Nepal Earthquake

Relatives cry as the bodies of their family members, who died in Saturday's earthquake, are prepared for cremation along a river in Kathmandu, Nepal, April 28, 2015.

Multimedia Quake Overwhelms Nepal

VOA's Steve Herman describes the scene in Kathmandu, where quake survivors persevere despite death toll, which now exceeds 4,300 More

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Nepal Cremates Victims, Coordinates Aidi
April 28, 2015 4:29 AM
Authorities in Nepal are working to coordinate humanitarian aid and rescue efforts after Saturday's massive earthquake and aftershocks that have killed more than 4,000 people. Meanwhile, there are fears of renewed tremors in the earthquake-hit areas. Zlatica Hoke reports.

Video Nepal Cremates Victims, Coordinates Aid

Authorities in Nepal are working to coordinate humanitarian aid and rescue efforts after Saturday's massive earthquake and aftershocks that have killed more than 4,000 people. Meanwhile, there are fears of renewed tremors in the earthquake-hit areas. Zlatica Hoke reports.

Video Challenges Await Aid Organizations on the Ground in Nepal

A major earthquake rocked Nepal on Saturday and killed thousands, injured thousands more and sent countless Nepalese outside to live in makeshift tent villages. The challenges to Nepal are enormous, with some reconstruction estimates at around $5 billion. Aid workers from around the world face challenges getting into Nepal, which likely makes for a difficult recovery. Arash Arabasadi has the story from Washington.

Video Replica of Prehistoric Cave Opens in France

A detailed copy of a cave containing the oldest figurative drawings made by Europe’s prehistoric inhabitants opened over the weekend (4/25/15) in France, not far from the original cave. The replica was built because the original drawings are too fragile to be exposed for public viewing. VOA’s George Putic reports.

Video Refugees in Kenya Fear Forced Repatriation to Somalia

Kenya’s government has ordered the closure of the massive Dadaab refugee camps in the northeastern part of the country due to concerns about a security threat from the mostly Somali population. As VOA’s Gabe Joselow reports from the ground in Dadaab, refugees have mixed feelings about leaving a place they have called home for more than 20 years.

Video Ten Years After Riots, France Searches for Answers to Neglected Suburbs

January’s terrorist attacks and fears of more to come are casting a spotlight on France’s neglected suburbs. Home to many immigrants, and sometimes hubs of crime, they were rocked by rioting a decade ago. Lisa Bryant visited the Paris suburb of Clichy-sous-Bois, where the 2005 violence first broke out, and has this report about what has changed and what has not.

Video LA Rescue Crew Heads to Nepal

In the wake of the massive earthquake in Nepal, search and rescue teams from around the world are converging on the capital, Kathmandu, to help the survivors. One of the teams is a unit of the Los Angeles Fire Department in the western U.S. state of California. Jeff Shu has more in this report narrated by Elizabeth Arrott.

Video ‘Angel of the Migrants’ Helps Desperate Syrians Arriving in Europe

Waves of migrants are continuing to arrive on the shores of southern Italy from North Africa. After their dangerous journey across the Mediterranean, they face an unknown future in Europe. In the Sicilian city of Catania there is an activist dedicated to helping the refugees on their journey.

Video Ex Machina a Reflection of Social Anxiety in Computer Era

Can a machine acquire the intelligence and consciousness humans do and if so, how would humans feel about it? Ex Machina, an intelligent and sleek sci fi drama by first time director Alex Garland focuses on the relationship and power play between a female sentient robot and two men; its creator, and a computer programmer. VOA’s Penelope Poulou has more.

Video Somali Foreign Minister Discusses al-Shabab with VOA

Somalia’s Foreign Minister Abdusalam Hadliye Omer says his country has a warm relationship with neighboring Kenya, which has provided troops to fight al-Shabab. There should be stepped-up sharing of intelligence and surveillance among countries fighting such Islamist groups, he tells VOA.

Video Data Servers Could Heat Private Homes

As every computer owner knows, when their machines run a complex program they get pretty hot. In fact, cooling the processors can be expensive, especially when you're dealing with huge banks of computer servers. But what if that energy could heat private homes? VOA’s George Putic reports that a Dutch energy firm aims to do just that.

Video Cinema That Crosses Borders Showcased at Tribeca Film Festival

Among the nearly 100 feature length films being shown at this year’s Tribeca Film Festival in New York City are more than 20 documentaries and features with international appeal, from a film about a Congolese businessman in China, to documentaries shot in Pakistan and diaspora communities in the U.S., to a poetic look at disaffected South African youth. VOA’s Carolyn Weaver has more.

Video Study: Insecticide Damaging Wild Bee Populations

A popular but controversial type of insecticide is damaging important wild bee populations, according to a new study. VOA’s Steve Baragona has more.

Video UN Confronts Threat of Young Radicals

The radicalization and recruitment of young people into Islamist extremist groups has become a growing challenge for governments worldwide. On Thursday, the U.N. Security Council heard from experts on the issue, which has become a potent threat to international peace and security. VOA’s Margaret Besheer reports.

Video Left for Dead on Battlefield, Ukrainian Officer Recovers at US Мilitary Hospital

A Ukrainian Army colonel, badly wounded while fighting Russia-backed separatists in eastern Ukraine, is now undergoing rehabilitation at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center near Washington, D.C. As Tetiana Kharchenko reports, Colonel Ihor Hordiychuk is a rare patient there - in more ways than one. Faith Lapidus narrates her report.

Video Migrants Trek Through Western Balkans to Reach EU

Migrants from Africa and other places are finding different routes into the European Union in search of a better life. The Associated Press followed one clandestine group to document their trek through the western Balkans to Hungary. Zlatica Hoke reports that the migrants started using that route about four years ago. Since then, it has become the second-most popular path into Western Europe, after the option of sailing from North Africa to Italy.


U.S. First Lady Michelle Obama (R) and Akie Abe, wife of Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, visit Great Falls Elementary School in Great Falls, Virginia, April 28, 2015.

US First Lady Promotes Student Foreign Exchanges

Michelle Obama, at Washington-area school with visiting Japanese first lady, stresses importance of interaction between students from different countries More


A soldier walks away from protesters in Burundi's capital, Bujumbura, as they clash with riot police.  Monday was the second day of demonstrations against the president's decision to run for a third term, a move critics say violates the constitution.

UN Chief Sends Envoy to Burundi as Protests Continue

Special envoy for Great Lakes Region, Said Djinnit, to hold consultations with President Nkurunziza, other officials More

Middle East

US Official Confirms Iran Intercepted Cargo Ship

Pentagon spokesman says Marshall Island-flagged vessel, the MV Maersk Tigris, had no US citizens aboard and was traveling in Strait of Hormuz when it was fired upon, boarded by Iranian officials More


FILE - Tenjin, right, an 11-year-old Eritrean boy who arrived on a boat from Tripoli without his parents, waits with another young migrant at the port of Lampedusa to board a ferry bound for Porto Empedocle in Sicily, February 20, 2015.

Child Migrants Traveling Solo Face Unknown Future in Europe

Refugee center director says unaccompanied minors are traumatized; some, having faced certain death in Libya, prefer risk of sea journey, where there is possibility of surviving More


FILE - Young schoolboys walk home in the village of Nyumbani, Kenya, which caters to children who lost their parents to HIV, and grandparents who lost their children to HIV.

Report: People in Rural Areas Lose Out on Health Care

International Labor Organization reports 56 percent of world’s rural populations have no health coverage More

Economy & Business

A woman walk past Greek flags for sale in central Athens, Greece as it runs perilously short of cash amid an impasse in bailout talks with its international creditors, April 22, 2015.

Greek PM: Initial Deal in Bailout Talks 'Very Close'

Alexis Tsipras tells private Star TV that he believes first agreement can be struck by end of next week, which can then be ratified by Greece's European partners More

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