Russian-Backed Offensive Stalls in Syria

US assessment indicates slickly produced videos meant to show off Moscow’s military actually cover up what might be difficulties - both in the air, and with ground offensive More

Video In 'He Named Me Malala,' Guggenheim Finds Normal in Extraordinary

Documentary is a close-up and personal view of young woman who has become of global symbol of courage and inspiration More


An image grab made from a video released Oct. 5, 2015, by the Russian Defense Ministry reportedly shows a Russian aircraft dropping bombs during an airstrike in Syria.

US, Russia to Hold Talks on Air Safety Over Syria

US Defense Department press secretary Peter Cook says second round of talks could take place within next few days More


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Presidential Candidates Clinton, Trump Woo Hispanic Votersi
Zlatica Hoke
October 10, 2015 3:02 AM
Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump and Democrat Hillary Clinton reached out to Hispanic voters this past week in a bid to boost their voter support. With about 400 days before the election, opinion polls show that rivals are catching up to both frontrunners. Zlatica Hoke reports.

Video Presidential Candidates Clinton, Trump Woo Hispanic Voters

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump and Democrat Hillary Clinton reached out to Hispanic voters this past week in a bid to boost their voter support. With about 400 days before the election, opinion polls show that rivals are catching up to both frontrunners. Zlatica Hoke reports.

Video In 'He Named Me Malala,' Guggenheim Finds Normal in Extraordinary

Davis Guggenheim’s documentary "He Named Me Malala" offers a probing look into the life of 18-year-old Malala Yousafsai, the Pakistani teenager who, in 2012, was shot in the head by the Taliban for standing up for her right to education in her hometown in Pakistan's Swat Valley. Guggenheim shows how, since then, Malala has become a symbol not as a victim of brutal violence, but as an advocate for girls’ education throughout the world. VOA’s Penelope Poulou has more.

Video Tunisian Democracy Quartet Wins Nobel Peace Prize

This year’s Nobel Peace Prize has gone to Tunisia’s National Dialogue Quartet for its work in bolstering the North African country’s democratization process following the 2011 Arab Spring. VOA Europe Correspondent Luis Ramirez reports.

Video German, US Officials Investigate Volkswagen

German officials have taken steps to restore some of the reputation their car industry has lost after a recent Volkswagen diesel emissions scandal. Authorities have searched Volkswagen headquarters and other locations in an effort to identify the culprits in the creation of software that helps cheat on emission tests. Meanwhile, a group of lawmakers in Washington held a hearing to get to the bottom of the cheating strategy that was first discovered in the United States. Zlatica Hoke reports.

Video Music Brings Generations Together

When musicians over the age of 50 headline a rock concert, you expect to see baby boomer fans in the audience. Boomer rock stars have boomer fans. Millennial rock stars have millennial fans. But this isn’t always the case. Take the Lockn’ Music festival which took place in mid-September in rural Arrington, Virginia. Here, Jacquelyn de Phillips discovered two generations of people who are considered quite different in the outside world, spending 4 days together in music-loving harmony.

Video Paintable Solar Cells May Someday Replace Silicon-Based Panels

Solar panels today are still factory-manufactured, with the use of some highly toxic substances such as cadmium chloride. But a researcher at St. Mary’s College, Maryland, says we are close to being able to create solar panels by painting them on a suitable surface, using nontoxic solutions. VOA’s George Putic reports.

Video House Republicans in Chaos as Speaker Favorite Withdraws

The Republican widely expected to become the next speaker of the House of Representatives shocked his colleagues Thursday by announcing he was withdrawing his candidacy. The decision by Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy means the race to succeed retiring Speaker John Boehner is now wide open. VOA National Correspondent Jim Malone reports.

Video Scientists: Global Fresh Water Access Could Pose Huge Challenge

Scientists say the world is experiencing a shortage of fresh water, and it will only get worse because of the growing population and climate change. Photos that show how water scarcity is impacting people around the world can be seen at the Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach, California. That’s also where experts discuss the severity of the problem and solutions. Elizabeth Lee reports.

Video Why Are Gun Laws So Hard for Congress to Tackle?

Since taking office, President Barack Obama has spoken out or issued statements about 15 mass shootings. The most recent shooting, in which 10 people were killed at a community college, sparked outrage over the nation's gun laws. But changing those laws isn't as easy as many think. VOA's Carolyn Presutti reports.

Video Syrian Village Community Faces Double Displacement in Lebanon

Driven by war from their village in southwestern Syria, a group of families found shelter in Lebanon, resettling en masse in a half-built university to form one of the biggest settlements of its kind in Lebanon. Three years later, however, they now face being kicked out and dispersed in a country where finding shelter as a refugee can be especially tough. John Owens has more for VOA from the city of Saida, also known as Sidon.

Video Iraqi-Kurdish Teachers Vow to Continue Protest

Sixteen people were injured when police used tear gas and rubber bullets to disperse teachers and other public employees who took to the streets in Iraq’s Kurdish north, demanding their salaries from the Kurdish Regional Government (KRG). VOA’s Dilshad Anwar, in Sulaimaniya, caught up with protesting teachers who say they have not been paid for three months. Parke Brewer narrates his report.

Video Refugee Begins New Life in US but Heart Remains in Syria

Nearly 300,000 people have died since the Syrian civil war began more than four years ago. Of the four million refugees who have fled the country, only 1500 have come to the United States, although President Obama has decided to take 10,000 over the next year. How have these Syrian refugees adapted to their new life in the U.S.? Grace Wang takes a look at one family that has settled in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Grace Wang reports.

Video Bat Colony: Unusual Tourist Attraction in Texas

The action hero Batman might be everyone’s favorite but real bats hardly get that kind of adoration. Put more than a million of these creatures of the night together and it only evokes images of horror. Sarah Zaman visited the largest urban bat colony in North America to see just how well bat and human get along with each other.

Video Hungary Criticized for Handling of Refugees

Amnesty International has accused Hungary of breaking multiple international and European human rights laws in its handling of the refugee crisis. As Henry Ridgwell reports, thousands of migrants and refugees continue to travel through the Balkans to Hungary every day.

Video Virtual Medicine Takes Shape with Floating Body Parts

An image of a rotating heart and floating intestine hover in the air in front of doctors, who use the virtual images to diagnose disease and prepare for surgery. VOA’s Jessica Berman has more.

Video Device Shows Promise of Stopping Motion Sickness

It’s a sickening feeling — the dizziness, nausea and vomiting that comes with motion sickness. But a device now being developed could stop motion sickness by suppressing certain signals in the brain. VOA’s Deborah Block reports.

Video 'Black Lives Matter' Movement Keeps Pressing For End to Police Brutality

The Black Lives Matter movement is renewing its call to end police brutality and pushing for criminal justice reform across the United States. VOA's Chris Simkins reports the movement, made up of mostly young African American activists, is trying to influence public opinion and pressure politicians to take up their cause.


Minister Louis Farrakhan speaks during a rally to mark the 20th anniversary of the Million Man March in Washington, Oct. 10, 2015.

'Justice or Else' Rally Marks 20th Anniversary of Million Man March

Rally repeats original theme of pledging to improve lives, communities, but incorporates calls for justice in response to shootings of black youths and men More


FILE - Pakistan's Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, Apr. 30, 2014.

Pakistan Seeks More Afghan-Taliban Talks

Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif said Saturday his country has renewed efforts to help reopen Afghan peace talks More


FILE - A man casts a ballot in Lagos, Nigeria, April 11, 2015.

Democracy Activists Push Against African Autocrats

Reformers are relying on closer monitoring of polling results, use of social media to educate voters, and assertiveness by middle class, international community More

Middle East

Israeli police stand near the body of a Palestinian who, according to police, stabbed two police officers, then other police forces opened fire and killed him, but also wounded one of their own, at the Damascus Gate of Jerusalem's Old City, Oct. 10, 2015.

Palestinian Stabs Israeli Police in Jerusalem

Scene of stabbing is near where a Palestinian teenager stabbed two Israelis before police shot him dead earlier in the day More


FILE - Rescue workers insert steel pipes to encase the escape tunnel used to free trapped miners at the San Jose mine near Copiapo, Chile, Oct. 10, 2010.

Rescued Chilean Miners Were 'Battle-Scarred,' Author Says

Despite becoming celebrities after their improbable rescue in 2010, the men were deeply wounded, said writer Hector Tobar More

Science & Technology

Video Paintable Solar Cells May Someday Replace Silicon-Based Panels

Researcher is working on replacing expensive photovoltaic materials with less efficient but much cheaper inorganic substances More

Arts & Entertainment

In 'He Named Me Malala,' Guggenheim Finds Normal in Extraordinary

Video In 'He Named Me Malala,' Guggenheim Finds Normal in Extraordinary

Documentary is a close-up and personal view of young woman who has become of global symbol of courage and inspiration More


Luxembourg's Minister of Foreign Affairs Jean Asselborn, left, Greece's alternate Immigration Policy Minister Ioannis Mouzalas, and European Commissioner for Migration and Home Affairs Dimitris Avramopoulos during a news conference in Athens, Oct. 10, 2015.

Greece to Open 5 Migrant Processing Centers on Lesbos

First so-called 'hotspot' reception center expected to open in Mitilini in next 10 days, according to Luxembourg’s Minister for Foreign Affairs Jean Asselborn More


FILE - Patients undergoing a rehabilitation program draw during a therapy session at the Sopi Jikko centre in Dakar, June 6, 2014. Sopi Jikko is a rehabilitation center for people with mental health and drug addiction problems.

Mentally Ill Victims of Stigma, Discrimination, Abuse

World Health Organization says mentally ill account for 13 percent of global disease burden, and one-third of all health-related disability More

Economy & Business

Gigi Stetler with one of her many RVs, at Planet RV in Florida, October, 2015

Pioneering Female CEO Has Message for Younger Women

At time in history when women still hold fewer than 20 percent of board seats at American companies, Gigi Stetler not only has subverted paradigm — she's lucky to be alive More

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