Video UN: Refugee Crisis Is 'Defining Moment' for Europe

High commissioner for refugees calls on European Union to take charge of processing centers More

Trump Reveals Lack of Knowledge on Foreign Policy

Nevertheless, Republican presidential hopeful gained 16 points in net favorability in the last two weeks to stand at 32 percent, according to Gallup poll More


VOA's Myroslava Gongadze speaks with Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko in Kyiv, Ukraine, September 4, 2015.

Video VOA Exclusive: Poroshenko Wants Russia's UN Veto Stripped

Ukrainian president tells VOA's Myroslava Gongadze that global community would be safer if Russia's ability to play spoiler were ended More

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Economic Conference in Kabul Promotes Regional Cooperationi
Ayesha Tanzeem
September 04, 2015 9:29 PM
A two-day regional economic conference in Afghanistan ended Friday with emphasis on regional trade and economic cooperation. VOA's Ayesha Tanzeem reports.

Video Economic Conference in Kabul Promotes Regional Cooperation

A two-day regional economic conference in Afghanistan ended Friday with emphasis on regional trade and economic cooperation. VOA's Ayesha Tanzeem reports.

Video Obama Wins Saudi Endorsement of Iran Nuclear Deal

Meeting with President Barack Obama at the White House on Friday, Saudi Arabia's King Salman expressed support for the Iran nuclear agreement negotiated by six world powers – but that wasn’t the only big topic discussed. VOA’s Carolyn Presutti reports from the White House.

Video Anti Establishment Candidates Popular on Iowa Campaign Trail

One of the biggest surprises in the race for the White House in 2016 is the surge in popularity of anti-establishment candidates in both parties. VOA’s Kane Farabaugh talks with voters on the campaign trail in Iowa about what it means for the 2016 presidential campaign.

Video Yemen Fighting Intensifies as Fears Grow of Sectarian Conflict

There’s growing speculation in Yemen that the Saudi-led coalition could be about to launch a ground operation against Iran-backed Houthi rebels. The Houthis captured swaths of the country earlier this year, forcing the president into exile. A series of bomb attacks has also raised fears that the civil war is spiraling into a broader sectarian conflict. VOA's Henry Ridgwell reports.

Video Oklahoma Academic’s Syria Blog Draws Worldwide Audience

In 2004, Middle East expert Joshua Landis started a blog called Syria Comment, and to his surprise, tens of thousands of people around the world began reading it. Landis is scaling back his blogging but remains intensely focused on the region through his role as the director of the University of Oklahoma’s Center for Middle East Studies. VOA's Greg Flakus reports.

Video Public Health Experts Focus on Preventing Epidemics

The Ebola outbreak in West Africa made it all the more clear that the best defense against infectious disease is a good defense. That is the goal for public health experts who will meet in Seoul next week: stopping future epidemics before they start. Dr. Tom Frieden, director of the U.S. Centers For Disease Control and Prevention, spoke with VOA’s Carol Pearson in Atlanta.

Video After Disasters Strike, Specially Trained Canines Help Save Lives

American rescue dogs were there when devastating earthquakes hit Haiti, Japan and Nepal. They helped save lives when Hurricanes Katrina and Sandy ravaged parts of the U.S. But before they become an essential part of U.S. search-and-rescue teams, they go through a long, rigorous training program. VOA's Julia Taboh reports.

Video US Jobless Rate Falls; Fed Rate Hike Still in Question

The U.S. economy added 173,000 jobs in August, a smaller gain than expected but enough to bring the nation’s unemployment rate to 5.1 percent, down two-tenths of a percentage point from the previous month. Still, is the U.S. labor market strong enough to support higher interest rates? VOA's Mil Arcega reports.

Video Kurds Claim Islamic State Using Chemical Weapons

The area known as Sultan Abdullah Heights southwest of the Iraqi city of Erbil is a place where fighting occurs on an almost daily basis between Kurdish Peshmerga forces and militants of the self-styled Islamic State. The Peshmerga in the area claim that, a few days ago, IS used chemical weapons against them which affected 22 of their fighters. VOA Kurdish Service stringer Ahmed Zebari reports from Iraq. Robert Raffaele narrates his report.

Video Planned Parenthood Debate Could Trigger US Government Shutdown

Members of Congress will have about 12 days in session after the August recess to pass new legislation, called a continuing resolution, to keep the federal government funded after a current measure expires September 30. Some Republican lawmakers say they want to use the spending bill to defund Planned Parenthood, a government-funded women's health care organization that also performs abortions. VOA Congressional Correspondent Cindy Saine reports this means a possible budget showdown.

Video Myanmar Political Activists Look Toward November Election

Myanmar holds national elections this November that will be a key test for the military’s dominant political role. Ahead of the high-stakes vote, some activists and students are frustrated about the lack of progress on key issues and are eager to make their voices heard at the ballot box. Steve Sandford reports from Yangon.

Video Drowned Migrant Toddler Photo Triggers European Outrage

The harrowing picture of a drowned three-year-old Syrian boy washed up on a Turkish beach appears to have galvanized Europe’s leaders into doing more to address the refugee crisis. France, Germany and Italy issued a joint call Thursday for compulsory quotas of refugees for all EU states. But there were chaotic scenes in Hungary as police tried to force migrants off a train heading for Austria. Henry Ridgwell has more. And a caution, some of the images in this report may be disturbing.

Video Russians Observe 11th Anniversary of Beslan School Attack

This week, Russians have been observing the 11th anniversary of the attack by Islamic militants on a school in Russia's North Caucasus region that killed more than 330 hostages, including 186 children. The three-day siege and massacre that started on September 1, 2004 took place in Beslan, a town in the republic of North Ossetia, and is one of the bloodiest terrorist acts ever in Russia. VOA's Mike Richman reports.

Video Native Americans Debate: Father Serra, Saint or Sinner?

Pope Francis will canonize an 18th century missionary to Spanish California during a papal visit to the United States this month.  But some Native Americans have criticized the elevation to sainthood of the missionary priest, Junipero Serra. VOA's Mike O’Sullivan has more from Los Angeles.

Video Trump-Bush Rivalry Heats Up in 2016 Presidential Race

Donald Trump continues to lead the Republican presidential field in the latest national and state polls. But former Florida governor Jeb Bush is stepping up his criticism of Trump and highlighting his previous support for Democrats. VOA National correspondent Jim Malone has more on the 2016 presidential race from Washington.

Video Kurdish Fighters on IS Frontline Ready for Offensive

Finger on the trigger, the Kurdish Peshmerga soldier stared across the dust at a village taken over by Islamic State extremists. The Kurdistan’s Khazir frontline, just 45 minutes from the Islamic State stronghold of Mosul. And at this point, the militants were less than two kilometers away. VOA's Sharon Behn reports.

Video Science Lab Offers Youngsters Creative, Educational Fun

The Children's Science Center Lab in Fairfax, Virginia, is a place where kids can experiment, design and build things. The exhibits are designed to help kids ages 2 to 12 explore science, technology, engineering and mathematics concepts. Faith Lapidus narrates this report from VOA's Faiza Elmasry.

Video Obama Hones Climate Change Message With Alaskan Arctic Visit

As the first sitting U.S. president to visit the Alaskan Arctic, Barack Obama continues to highlight the urgent need to act on climate change. White House correspondent Aru Pande has more on the president's Alaskan trip, where he is meeting with locals who say they are feeling the impact of global warming firsthand.

Video Calais School Offers Another Face of Europe’s Migrant Crisis

Europe is facing mounting criticism over how it’s handling its biggest migration crisis since World War II. But not all Europeans believe building walls or passing repressive policies are the answer. A school for migrants in the French port city of Calais, is opening doors and building bonds across nationalities. VOA's Lisa Bryant reports.

Video Scientists Predict Wet Winter in Drought-Stricken US West

Much of the western United States is experiencing extreme drought conditions, leading to wildfires and water shortages, but scientists are predicting some weather changes that will affect not only the American West but also parts of Asia, Australia and Africa. VOA's Elizabeth Lee reports.


The 2014 graduating class of the U.S. Military Academy at West Point in West Point, N.Y., toss their hats during commencement ceremonies, May 28, 2014.

Report: West Point Pillow Fight Causes Concussions

Some cadets stuffed pillow cases with hard objects that split lips, broke a bone, dislocated shoulders, knocked cadets unconscious More


Afghan President Ashraf Ghani, using crutches after recent foot surgery, talks to participants at an exhibition of Afghanistan products during the Regional Economic Cooperation Conference of Afghanistan (RECCA) in Kabul, Afghanistan, Sept. 4, 2015.

Afghan, Pakistani Officials Meet in Bid to Lower Tensions

Meeting at economic conference takes place amid Kabul's complaints that Islamabad hasn't acted against insurgents allegedly operating within Pakistan More


Suspected members of Boko Haram sitting in court in N'Djamena, Chad, Aug. 26, 2015.

Boko Haram Still Lives — But Where?

Despite battlefield losses earlier this year, Boko Haram maintains large fighting force that’s able to hide along in Nigeria and elsewhere More

Middle East

FILE - A picture taken Sept. 1, 2015 shows smoke billowing on the outskirts of Marea in the northern Syrian Aleppo district during fighting between opposition fighters and IS group.

Protests Continue in Southern Syrian City

Anti-Syrian government violence spread in area a day after the assassination of a prominent anti-government cleric in explosions that also killed at least 25 others More


A man walks on a street backdropped by a wall of campaign posters promoting presidential and mayoral candidates, in Patzun, Guatemala, Sept 4, 2015.

Guatemalans Vote Sunday

Campaigning has concluded despite calls for postponement and Thursday's resignation of President Otto Perez Molina over corruption allegations More

Science & Technology

This Sept. 4, 2015 photo made available by NASA shows a mural depicting Boeing's newly named CST-100 Starliner commercial crew transportation spacecraft on the company's Commercial Crew and Cargo Processing Facility at NASA's Kennedy Space Center in Florida.

Boeing Opens Commercial Spaceship Plant in Florida

Newly named CST-100 Starliner spaceships will be prepared for flight in a processing hangar once used by NASA's space shuttles More


Migrants rise their hands to get some food and water distributed by Caritas on the Greek-FYR Macedonia border near the vilage of Idomeni, Sept. 5, 2015.

Photogallery Macedonia Overwhelmed by Large Influx of Refugees

UNICEF describes chaotic scenes on Macedonian side of border with Greece as authorities vainly try to control huge crowds of refugees wanting to enter the country More

Economy & Business

FILE - A help wanted sign is posted at a tractor dealership in Ashland, Va., June 9, 2015.

Video Americans to Observe Labor Day on Monday

Celebration comes as Labor Department reported Friday that US unemployment rate fell to lowest level in seven-and-a-half years in August More

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