Hong Kong Crashes Great Firewall With FireChat

Have Hong Kong's 'Occupy Central' protesters found the next killer app to support their civil demonstrations? More

Column: Plan B for an Iran Nuclear Deal?

Even if a long-term agreement for Iran's nuclear program isn't reached, it's unlikely conditions will revert back to the way they were before the interim deal More

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An aerial view shows a thinned crowd of pro-democracy student protesters continuing to occupy the streets around the government complex in Hong Kong, Thursday, Oct. 2, 2014.

Chinese President's Risky Options for Dealing with Hong Kong Protests

So far, Beijing has refused to back down on its August 31 ruling that Hong Kong can hold its first direct election for its leader only if all candidates are strictly vetted by a nominating committee More

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Scientists Predict Extreme Weather to Continue Worldwidei
Elizabeth Lee
September 30, 2014 11:34 PM
From floods to droughts to powerful storms, more people are impacted by extreme weather as the population increases. In Los Angeles, the Aquarium of the Pacific unveiled a tool to educate the public about extreme weather. Elizabeth Lee has more.

Video Scientists Predict Extreme Weather to Continue Worldwide

From floods to droughts to powerful storms, more people are impacted by extreme weather as the population increases. In Los Angeles, the Aquarium of the Pacific unveiled a tool to educate the public about extreme weather. Elizabeth Lee has more.

Video Deadly Attacks In Donetsk Test Ukraine Peace Deal

After a series of attacks by pro-Moscow militia, Ukraine’s prime minister has accused Russia of failing to honor the cease-fire agreement signed on September 5. At least nine Ukrainian soldiers have been killed in the last two days. As Henry Ridgwell reports for VOA from near the frontline in eastern Ukraine, the tentative peace deal appears to be holding despite the violence.

Video Malaysia Struggles to Stop People Joining Jihad

Malaysian authorities say militant groups like the so-called "Islamic State" have used social media to entice at least three dozen Malaysian Muslims to fight in what they call "jihad" in Syria and Iraq. As Mahi Ramkrishnan reports from Kuala Lumpur, counterterrorism police are deeply worried about what could happen when these militants return home.

Video Israel’s PM: ISIS, Hamas Branches of Same Tree

Israel’s prime minister urged the international community not to allow Iran to develop its nuclear capabilities, and tied the Jewish state's fight against Hamas militants in the Gaza Strip to the larger global fight against Islamic State militants. The U.S. disagreed. A State Department spokeswoman said Washington believes the Islamic State group poses a different threat. VOA's Margaret Besheer has more on the Israeli leader's address to the U.N. General Assembly on Monday, and remarks by Syri

Video Treasure Hunters Seek 'Hidden Treasure' in Central Kenya

Could a cave in a small village in central Kenya be the site of buried treasure? A rumor of riches, left behind by colonialists, has some residents dreaming of wealth, while others see it as a dangerous hoax. VOA's Gabe Joselow has the story.

Video Reconstruction? What Reconstruction? Life After War in Gaza

It’s been a month since Israel and the Palestinians agreed to a ceasefire to end 52 days of an air and tank war that left 60,000 homes in Gaza damaged or destroyed and 110,000 homeless. Sharon Behn reports that lack of reconstruction is leading to despair.

Video Ebola Patients Find No Treatment at Sierra Leone Holding Center

At a holding facility in Makeni, central Sierra Leone, dozens of sick people sit on the floor in an empty university building. They wait in filthy conditions. It's a 16-hour drive by ambulance to Kailahun Ebola treatment center. Adam Bailes was there and reports on what he says are some of the worst situations he has seen since the beginning of this Ebola outbreak. And he says it appears case numbers may already be far worse than authorities acknowledge.

Video Identifying Bodies Found in Texas Border Region

Thousands of immigrants have died after crossing the border from Mexico into remote areas of the southwestern United States in recent years. Local officials in south Texas alone have found hundreds of unidentified bodies and buried them in mass graves in local cemeteries. Now an anthropologist and her students at Baylor University have been exhuming bodies and looking for clues to identify them. VOA’s Greg Flakus has more from Waco, Texas.


FILE - Crews from Waste Control Specialists load the first of two containers with low-level radioactive waste from Los Alamos National Laboratory in New Mexico.

Los Alamos National Laboratory May Have Incorrectly Disposed of Radioactive Waste

Operations at the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant were suspended in February after an accident released high levels of radiation and contaminated 22 workers More


FILE - The North Korean launch site of Sohae, near the northern border with China.

Report: North Korea Upgrades Missile Launch Site

Analysts think the overhaul of the Sohae Satellite Launch Station is likely meant to accommodate larger rockets More


This two-image composite released by Mexico's Attorney General's Office (PGR)  shows alleged cartel capo Hector Beltran Leyva after his arrest by Mexican law enforcement authorities, Oct. 1, 2014.

Mexico Captures Wanted Drug Kingpin Hector Beltran Leyva

Beltran Leyva is one of four brothers who allegedly headed a vicious Mexican drug cartel after it split with the Sinaloa cartel More

Science & Technology

Video No Joke: US Professor Unlocks Humor Code

Peter McGraw takes his research out of classroom, around the globe - and onto the stage as a stand-up comedian to determine what makes something funny More


FILE - A Sukhoi Su-35 fighter with special vectored thrust jet engines takes part in a flying display at the Le Bourget airport near Paris.

France Boosts Military Response to Islamic State, Eyes Next Phase

France sending more fighter jets, warship to strike militants in Iraq and will discuss with US long-term coalition strategy to tackle insurgency, including in Syria More


FILE - A sign is seen in front of the Yardville Elementary School in Hamilton Township, N.J., where a 4-year-old student died Thursday.

Respiratory Virus Linked to Four Deaths in US

The CDC said at least 500 people in 42 states and the District of Columbia have been sickened by the EV-68 virus More

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