People gather at the site where Boris Nemtsov was recently murdered, with St. Basil's Cathedral seen in the background, in central Moscow, Feb. 28, 2015.

Russia Approves March Commemorating Opposition Leader

After Boris Nemtsov’s slaying, Sunday rally to shifts focus; Ukraine condemns death More

FILE - Boris Nemtsov addresses supporters during a protest rally in Moscow, May 6, 2013.

Could Nemtsov Threaten Putin in Death as in Life?

Dynamic and debonair opposition leader had supported liberal economic reforms, criticized Russian president's aggression in Ukraine More

FILE - Boris Nemtsov speaks to The Associated Press Television News in Moscow, Russia, Dec. 21, 2011.

Nemtsov to RFE/RL: 'We Must Free Russia From Putin'

Opposition politician was looking ahead to a planned March 1 opposition rally, which has now been called off, to be replaced by a funeral procession in center of Moscow More

Photogallery Poroshenko: Heavy Weapons Will Return if Truce Breached

Ukraine president says army 'ready at any moment to stand up to the enemy' and notes threat from the east will remain even if the truce holds More

FILE - A masked, black-clad militant, who has been identified by the Washington Post newspaper as a Briton named Mohammed Emwazi, brandishes a knife in this still image from a 2014 video obtained from SITE Intel Group February 26, 2015.

Who Joins Islamic State and Why

Psychologists say most simply want to join group for various reasons More

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Video Bad Economy Torpedoes Moscow Restaurants

Head of restaurant group estimates that as much as a third of eateries in the city might close this year

Multimedia Russian Opposition Leader Murdered in Moscow

Boris Nemtsov slain by four shots in central part of capital city, according to Russian government officials

Who Joins Islamic State and Why

Psychologists say most simply want to join group for various reasons

UN: 1.5 Million People in Mali Need Aid

Appeal is second phase of a UN strategic plan to help Mali get back on its feet after years of internal conflict left the country and its people in ruin

France, Britain Dismiss Calls to Renew Relations With Syria's Assad

French PM Laurent Fabius, British PM Philip Hammond say such a move would end all hope of a political transition, push moderates toward radical Islamist groups

Multimedia 'Jihadi John’ Unmasking Raises Questions For British Security Services

Why didn't British security services stop computer science graduate Mohammed Emwazi from leaving Britain to join IS?

Multimedia Cameron Defends Security Services Over 'Jihadi John'

British Prime Minister says he could not comment on any specific cases, but insisted Britain is doing all it can to deal with security threats
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Video Moscow Restaurants Suffer in Bad Economy, Look for Opportunity

As low oil prices and Western sanctions force Russia's economy into recession, thousands of Moscow restaurants are expected to close their doors. Restaurant owners face rents tied to foreign currency, while rising food prices mean Russians are spending less when they dine out. One entrepreneur in Moscow has started a dinner kit delivery service for those who want to cook at home to save money but not skimp on quality. VOA's Daniel Schearf reports.