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    Russia Boasts of Troop Buildup on Flank, Draws Flak

    Russian military moves counter to efforts to de-escalate tensions, State Department says

    Proposed GOP Stance on Ukraine Sparks Controversy

    Concerns arise over how proposal for providing ‘lethal defensive weapons’ was altered

    Video Car Bomb Kills Prominent Journalist in Ukraine

    Pavel Sheremet died when his car exploded as he was on his way to work; FBI will help Ukrainian authorities investigate

    UN: Civilians in E. Ukraine Conflict Killed With ‘Rampant Impunity’

    Up to 2,000 civilians deaths have resulted from indiscriminate shelling of residential areas or summary executions, new United Nations report says

    NATO-Russia Council Session Does Little to Ease Tension

    Two sides find no common ground on Ukraine or NATO’s buildup in Eastern Europe, but they do propose measures to avoid confrontation

    Canada's Prime Minister Visits Ukraine

    Canada is home to a sizeable Ukrainian minority and has been a key backer for Ukraine during its separatist war in the east

    US Gives Ukraine Additional $23 Million in Humanitarian Assistance

    Secretary of State John Kerry says there is an 'urgency' to fully implement Minsk agreement to end conflict in eastern Ukraine