• This eroding glacier flows from the Mýrdalsökull ice cap. The distant snowy mountains are remnants of a large volcano that erupted 53,000 years ago. (Feo Pitcairn Fine Art)
  • On the edge of a road in Central Northern Iceland this stone pile was built by travelers, who placed rocks for good luck. (Feo Pitcairn Fine Art)
  • A new landscape of lakes, scree slopes, hills and large boulders is revealed after a glacier retreats. Glaciers in Iceland—and throughout the Arctic—are vanishing due to a rapidly warming climate. (Feo Pitcairn Fine Art)
  • This steam plume is found in the highlands of the Torfajökull volcanic system, which contains big, powerful geothermal fields or subsurface reservoirs of the Earth’s heat. (Feo Pitcairn Fine Art)
  • Northern lights above the Mt. Hekla volcano in Southern Iceland. (Feo Pitcairn Fine Art)
  • The vivid colors found in the rugged highlands of the Torfajökull volcanic system come from geothermal activity, silica-rich volcanic rocks and alpine vegetation. (Feo Pitcairn Fine Art)
  • This old farmhouse in southern Iceland reflects the mixture of traditional building styles found on the island. (Feo Pitcairn Fine Art)
  • By January 2015 the Bárðarbunga volcano, which erupted five months earlier, had produced a lava flow bigger than Manhattan Island, New York. (Feo Pitcairn Fine Art)
  • Inactive steam vents such as these, as well as active ones, are found throughout the geothermal area of Mt. Námafjall in northeastern Iceland. (Feo Pitcairn Fine Art)
  • Lake Jökulsárlón shimmers with the reflection of a magnificent iceberg. (Feo Pitcairn Fine Art)

Primordial Earth

Published August 04, 2015

Iceland is a geologically active wonder, with diverse and magnificent landscapes. Its geology offers a behind-the-scenes look at how the planet was formed and continues to evolve.

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