• Fluctuat Nec Mergitur, at Canal Saint Martin, near the site of several terrorist attacks. (E. Bryant/VOA)
  • Fluctuat Nec Mergitur at République. (E. Bryant/VOA)
  • Poetry near the Bataclan music hall - one of hundreds of poems that are being placed at the spots where the attacks took place (E. Bryant/VOA)
  • American Stuart Scott in front of Petit Cambodge (E. Bryant/VOA)
  • The Walt Whitman poem at Le Petit Cambodge. (E. Bryant/VOA)
  • Poem by New Zealander next to Le Carillon bar, targeted in the November 13 attacks. (E. Bryant/VOA)
  • Some of the memorials left at République. (E. Bryant/VOA)
  • Poetry left near Le Carillon bar. (E. Bryant/VOA)
  • Translated: 'A people willing to sacrifice a little liberty for a little security will lose both.' (E. Bryant/VOA)

Memorials of the Paris Attacks

Published November 30, 2015

Memorials of the Paris Attacks

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