• A Malian family's taxi is searched at a checkpoint on the Gao road outside Sevare, 620 kilometers north of Mali's capital Bamako, January 27, 2013.
    • A man rides past the well where U.N. director of Human Rights Watch Philippe Bolopion says the bodies of suspected Islamist rebels were dumped, Sevare, Mali, January 28, 2013.
    • A mosque damaged in fighting between French-backed Malian troops and al-Qaida-linked militants is seen in the recently liberated town of Konna, Mali, January 27, 2013.
    • Storage lockers at a fish market used as a military base by al-Qaida-linked militants are seen in Konna, Mali, January 27, 2013.
    • Malian soldier Ousmane Cisse stands guard on an open road outside Sevare, Mali, January 27, 2013.
    • Malian soldiers ride in an army pickup truck in Diabaly, January 26, 2013.

    ການສູ້ລົບໃນມາລີ ດໍາເນີນສືບຕໍ່ໄປ

    Published January 28, 2013

    French forces have taken control of the airport and roads leading into the Malian city of Timbuktu, continuing an operation to oust Islamist militants who have controlled northern Mali for months.