April 5, 2013

    Published April 05, 2013


    Chinese health workers collect bags of dead chickens at Huhuai wholesale agricultural market in Shanghai.


    A boy sits near a wheel of a transport vehicle to memorize his lessons on Siteen Road in Sana'a, Yemen.


    A helicopter casts a shadow on the ice as the passenger ship 'Soderarm' heads in a channel through the ice made by an icebreaker for the daily tour to the island of Husaro in the Stockholm archipelago in Sweden.


    Downtown Montreal, Canada is seen from from Mount Royal. (Photo by Van Dung Nguyen submitted to VOA Photo Contest)


    Volcano Mount Karangetang spews lava as seen from Bebali village in Siau district of Indonesia's North Sulawesi province, Apr. 4, 2013.


    Bolivia's The Strongest goalkeeper Daniel Vaca tries to stop the ball against Brazil's Sao Paulo FC during their Libertadores Cup soccer match in La Paz, Bolivia, Apr. 4, 2013.


    An outside view shows the "Dancing Towers" (Tanzende Tuerme), a new architectural landmark and office building by Hadi Teherani in Hamburg, northern Germany, Apr. 4, 2013.

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