June 24, 2013

    Published June 24, 2013


    An illustration shows a projection of binary code on a man holding a laptop computer in an office in Warsaw, Poland.


    A workman deflates a 12-meter high replica of the Henri Delaunay Trophy near the Eiffel Tower in Paris, France, ahead of this week's brand and logo presentation of the UEFA EURO 2016.


    A family rides on a motorcycle in the haze which hit Duri on Indonesia's Riau province. Indonesian police arrested two farmers for illegally starting fires to clear land in Sumatra - the first detentions linked to blazes that have blanketed neighboring Singapore and Malaysia with thick smog for days.


    A supermoon rises behind the ancient Greek temple of Poseidon at Cape Sounion, some 65 kilometers south of Athens, Greece, June 23, 2013.


    A researcher holds a newborn giant panda in Wolong National Nature Reserve, Sichuan province, China, June 23, 2013. Giant panda Hai Zi gave birth to the world's first twin pandas this year in the reserve.


    A miniature reproduction of Saint Mark's Church of Zagreb is inaugurated at Mini-Europe park in Brussels, Belgium.


    Daredevil Nik Wallenda walks on a two-inch (5-cm) diameter steel cable rigged 1,400 feet (426.7 meters) across more than a quarter-mile deep remote section of the Grand Canyon near Little Colorado River, Arizona, June 23, 2013.


    An Indian rickshaw puller bikes through the rain in Allahabad.


    A rider rears up on his horse while surrounded by a cheering crowd during the traditional Fiesta of San Joan (Saint John) in downtown Ciutadella, on the Spanish Balearic Island of Menorca, June 23, 2013. The riders of the horses are representatives of the ancient Ciutadella society - nobility, clergy, craftsmen and farmers.


    A boy, covered with mud and dried banana leaves, walks around the village to ask for candles before attending a mass celebrating the feast day of the Catholic patron Saint John the Baptist in the village of Bibiclat, Nueva Ecija, north of Manila, Philippines.


    Long-tailed mayflies (Palingenia longicauda) mate on the surface of the Tisza river near Tiszainoka, 135km (84 miles) southeast of Budapest, Hungary, June 23, 2013. Millions of these short-lived mayflies engage in a frantic rush to mate and reproduce before they perish in just a few hours during "Tiszaviragzas" or Tisza blooming season from late spring to early summer every year.

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