June 25, 2013

    Published June 25, 2013


    A police officer walks past a graffiti during a police operation in the Nova Holanda slum, part of the Complexo da Mare, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.


    People protect themselves with umbrellas during high tide in Mumbai, India.


    Opposition Democratic Progressive Party legislators (in green vests) scuffle with ruling Nationalist Party legislators (in black vests) at the Legislative Yuan in Taipei, Taiwan.


    Guests playing with illusion on Leandro Erlich's installation Dalston House at the Beyond Barbican summer party in London, June 24, 2013.


    A security guard tackles a Femen activist to the ground as she tried, along with two other feminist activists, to stop the car of Tunisian Prime Minister from leaving the EU commission building after his working session with European Commission President at the EU headquarters in Brussels, Belgium.


    A paddle board surfer dives under a large wave at a place known by locals as 'Winkie Pop', located near Manly Beach in Sydney, Australia.


    A Lebanese man breaks the glass of his damaged vehicle near the Bilal bin Rabbah mosque in the southern port city of Sidon, Lebanon.


    A Danish Guard hussar snatches a drink seated on a galloping horse during the opening ceremony of the CHIO Equestrian Festival in Aachen, Germany.


    Canadian singer Justin Bieber performs at Staples Center during his Believe Tour in Los Angeles, California, USA, June 24, 2013.

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