July 1, 2013

    Published July 01, 2013


    A girl sits in a garlic basket at a street market in Jakarta, Indonesia.


    Women adorned in Somali flags celebrate the country's Independence Day at Konis stadium in Mogadishu. Today's celebrations mark 53 years since the Southern regions of Somalia gained independence from Italy and joined with the Northern region of Somaliland to create Somalia.


    Commuters wait to pay their tolls on the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge in Oakland, California, USA. Negotiations between the two largest unions representing more than 2,300 Bay Area Rapid Transit workers and BART management broke off despite the request of California Gov. Jerry Brown in a last-ditch effort to reach a deal.


    This image from NASA's Galaxy Evolution Explorer shows NGC 6744, one of the galaxies most similar to our Milky Way in the local universe. The galaxy is situated in the constellation of Pavo at a distance of about 30 million light-years. (NASA/JPL-Caltech)


    Yamabushi or Japanese Buddhist monks in the mountains hold a ceremony of official opening of Mount Fuji climbing season at Murayama Sengen Shrine in Fujinomiya, Shizuoka prefecture.


    Visitors climb through the art installation 'In Orbit' by Tomas Saraceno of Argentina at the Kunstsammlung K21 museum in Düsseldorf, Germany, June 30, 2013. The steel wire construction spans the museum's vast glass cupola on three different levels more than 25 meters above the ground. Visitors have access to the artwork and can move freely between the spheres on all three levels.


    A model presents shoes created by designer Iris van Herpen as part of the Haute Couture Fall Winter 2013/2014 fashion show in Paris, France.


    A worker unloads a giant grasshopper from a container as it arrives at the Chester Zoo in northern England. The grasshopper will form part of an exhibition featuring 13 giant robotic replicas including scorpions and ladybirds.


    Australia's rugby player Kane Douglas plays bodysurfs during a warm down session at Coogee Beach in Sydney, Australia.


    Performers take part in the closing ceremony of the Confederations Cup before the final soccer match between Brazil and Spain at the Estadio Maracana in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, June 30, 2013.

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