• At the foot of one of Johannesburg's most recognizable landmarks, the Hillbrow tower.
    • Johannesburg is a mix of urban cityscapes and nature.
    • "Prophets" advertising in the inner city Hillbrow precinct.
    • A young couple in front of the skyline of the Sandton business district.
    • One of the city's countless minibus "taxis" -- the main mode of transportation for many Johannesburgers.
    • The Magogo Minimarket, which is about as wide as this door.
    • City skyline, in relief.
    • A view of the city's industrial area.
    • Local African greens for sale in inner-city Johannesburg.
    • A lunch counter in Soweto.
    • The city is full of instances of mid-century architecture, like this defunct hotel.
    • Hillbrow night. Taken from Constitution Hall.

    Johanesburgu nëpërmjet Instagramit

    Published July 11, 2013

    Fotokronikë e korrespondentes së Zërit të Amerikës, Anita Powell, me iPhone.