June 9, 2013

    Published June 09, 2013


    Liu Xia, wife of imprisoned Nobel Peace Prize winner Liu Xiaobo, cries in a car outside Huairou Detention Center where her brother Liu Hui has been jailed in Huairou district, on the outskirts of Beijing, China.


    Presidential guards parade during the weekly change of guards at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in front of the Greek Parliament in Athens.


    Lebanese Army soldiers remove barricades after months of clashes between Sunni Muslims and the small Alawite community, in Tripoli.


    A man flips his personal watercraft during a demonstration on the Sumida river in Tokyo, Japan.


    The bright clusters and nebulae of planet Earth's night sky are often named for flowers or insects. Though its wingspan covers over 3 light years, NGC 6302 is no exception. With an estimated surface temperature of about 250,000 degrees C, the dying central star of this particular planetary nebula has become exceptionally hot, shining brightly in ultraviolet light but hidden from direct view by a dense torus of dust. (NASA/ESA/Hubble)


    Sweden's Princess Madeleine kisses U.S.-British banker Christopher O'Neill outside the royal church after their wedding ceremony in the royal castle in Stockholm. June 8, 2013.


    A horsewoman leads thousands of sheep at the Old Port during a simulation of a transhumance, the seasonal migration when herds are moved to grazing grounds, as part of festivities to mark Marseille-Provence being named the 2013 European Capital of Culture in Marseille, France.


    Rochelle Campbell of Washington places human bones, crafted by students, artists and activists, in place on the lawn of the National Mall in Washington, June 8, 2013, during a massive installation called One Million Bones, symbolic of a mass grave and a visible petition for bold action towards an end to genocide and mass atrocities.


    A security guard removes a demonstrator who ran onto center court as Spain's Rafael Nadal plays against compatriot David Ferrer in the final of the French Open tennis tournament, at Roland Garros stadium in Paris, France.


    A Hindu priest arranges mangoes to be offered to Hindu God Lord Krishna inside a temple during a mango festival in the western Indian city of Ahmedabad.


    A competitor awaits the judges after he took snuff at the German Snuff Championships in Freihung near Nuremberg, southern Germany, June 8, 2013. The competition's aim is to snuff as much as possible from a five gram snuff package.

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