March 6, 2013

    Published March 06, 2013


    Mourners gesture during the memorial service of 27-year-old taxi driver Mido Macia in Daveyton, east of Johannesburg, South Africa. The Mozambican taxi driver died in a South African cell after being dragged behind a police vehicle. Eight police have been arrested on suspicion of murder.


    The coffin of deceased Venezuelan leader Hugo Chavez is driven through the streets of Caracas after leaving the military hospital where he died of cancer.


    Workers carry out a radiation screening on a bus for a media tour at tsunami-crippled Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant of Tokyo Electric Power Co. in Fukushima prefecture, Japan, ahead of the second-year anniversary of the March 11, 2011 tsunami and earthquake.


    One month-old endangered Bornean orangutan sleeps on his mother named Miri in Singapore zoo in Singapore.


    Cardinal Philippe Barbarin is surrounded by reporters after a cardinals' meeting at the Vatican. Cardinals from around the world have gathered inside the Vatican for their first round of meetings before the conclave to elect the next pope.


    Two employees watch from the window of an office building as members of the Metro trade union march during a protest against low wages in Bucharest, Romania.


    Lava erupts at the New Sud-Est crater of Mt. Etna's volcano, near Catania, in Sicily, southern Italy.


    A participant takes part in a traditional south Indian bull-racing sport in the port city of Mangalore in the Indian state of Karnataka. (Photo by Rajarshi Chowdhury submitted to VOA Photo Contest)


    A worker checks what will be the first ETCS (European Train Control System) line in Profondeville, Wallonia, Belgium. The modernization of the line, between Jambes and Dinant, will enable the system to automatically stop a train that neglects a red light or exceeds the maximum speed limit.


    A woman walks underneath shoes hanging from a power line in the center of the Slovenian capital Ljubljana.


    Locusts fly near a car belonging to experts as they map the swarms of locusts near Kmehin in Israel's Negev desert, Mar. 5, 2013.


    Firefighters hose down scrapped vehicles during a fire at a yard owned by the Myanmar Economic Corporation (MEC) outside of Rangoon, Burma.


    An Emerald Dove is placed in a mug to be weighed during the annual bird health check at Chester Zoo in Chester northern England.

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