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VOA On Assignment: Jan.11, 2013i
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January 11, 2013 1:02 PM
Segments: Bowman 0:54, Malone 6:23, Bowman 10:14, Palacio 15:40, Vocal Trash 22:24

VOA On Assignment: Jan.11, 2013

Published January 11, 2013

Segments: Bowman 0:54, Malone 6:23, Bowman 10:14, Palacio 15:40, Vocal Trash 22:24

On Assignment

"On Assignment" is a weekly behind-the-scenes look at the VOA reporters and producers reporting the news from around the world.

Broadcast every Friday, On Assignment showcases the best of VOA reporting across the globe, giving front-line journalists the chance to share their experiences from the field, including some of the most challenging and dangerous trouble spots in the world. Each week, hosts Imran Siddiqui and Alex Villarreal give viewers a backstage pass to meet our reporters in the field and hear the stories behind the headlines.


On Assignment This Week:


"Life of a Syrian Child Refugee"

"50 Years of Wilderness Preservation"

"American Indians Reclaim Their Culture"

"A Ministry of Laughter"


That, plus Los Angeles Christmas: A Feast For The Senses, all in this week's episode of On Assignment.



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