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On the Line "The New Gridlock"i
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January 11, 2013
"The New Gridlock"

On the Line "The New Gridlock"

Published January 11, 2013

"The New Gridlock"

On the Line

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On the Line is a lively forum, hosted by Ayesha Tanzeem, where newsmakers, policy experts, diplomats, activists, academics and journalists discuss world events. It focuses on the critical issues shaping the future, and gives those issues the vigorous, serious debate they deserve. The program broadcasts worldwide on VOA Television, and is also heard on VOA radio. Condensed versions of the program can be heard in translation in over 40 languages via VOA radio's language services.

This Week's Program:

The world's two largest economies, the United States and China represent the world's most important bilateral relationship. But tension between the two countries is on the rise? What does this mean going forward, and is trouble brewing in the South China sea? Find out next "On the Line".
Marvin Ott: Senior Scholar - Asia Program, Wilson Center; Adjunct Professor, Johns Hopkins University
Harry J. Kazianis: Managing Editor, The National Interest; Senior Fellow, China Policy Institute