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March 15, 2013 2:29 PM
Smart talk about issues and ideas that matter.

On The Line

Published March 15, 2013

Smart talk about issues and ideas that matter.


Everybody’s talking on HashtagVOA.

From hard issues to hot topics, HashtagVOA explores what people are talking about on social media. And it’s a program in which you, the viewer, can join the worldwide conversation through Facebook and Twitter.  Host Cal Perry engages top experts to provide answers to your questions. The program airs each Tuesday at 1730 UTC on www.voanews.com and continues daily @HashtagVOA on Twitter and www.facebook.com/hashtagvoa

This Week's Program:

They are called the "Cubs of Caliphate", but they are really just children, some as young as five, recruited or forced into joining the army of the Islamic State. UNICEF says insurgents in Nigeria, Sudan and South Sudan are also kidnapping children and putting them in uniform. Why is this tactic so prevalent, what is the long-term damage, and what can be done to stop the practice? This week's HashtagVOA takes a closer look.

Leila Zerrougui: UN Special Representative for Children and Armed conflict
Arie W. Kruglanski: Professor, University of Maryland
Opiyo Oloya: Author, "Child to Soldier: Stories from Joseph Kony's Lord's Resistance Army"