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Customers at the GameHäus Café in Los Angeles.

Video More Millenials Unplug to Embrace Board Games

Many like mentally stimulating games, without interference of phones, or computers More

Video Ray Bonneville Sings the Blues and More on New CD

Many of his songs have a blues quality, but he says he picked up all kinds of styles playing small clubs and bars across America More

Students at Taylor Elementary school in Arlington, Virginia.

Video Young Student Authors Learn to Express Themselves

Having children create their own books is a strategy many teachers, parents use to help youngsters develop creativity and a love of reading at an early age More

"The Library" actors Chloë Grace Moretz, Michael O'Keefe, and Jennifer Westfeldt.

Conflicting 'Truths' About Tragedy Play Out on NY Stage

Americans last week dealt with another seemingly unprovoked school attack, theater-goers explore emotion surrounding such events in 'The Library' More

Coiled baskets by Jackie Abrams. (Julie Taboh/VOA)

Video Basket Maker’s Skills Have World Reach

Fiber artisan Jackie Abrams' work will be on display at the Smithsonian Craft Show in Washington More

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Video Mass Pillow Fight Turns Washington into Urban Playground

For eighth year in a row, participants in 100 cities around the world battle each other with soft, fluffy weapons and create a spectacle for those around them

The CIA’s Cultural War Against Soviet Russia

How the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) used books, art and paintings to undermine Soviet Russia and win the hearts of Europe's intellectuals

Outkast Goes Back to 1990s Hip Hop at Coachella Reunion

Reunion received mixed early reviews from fans at festival and watching live online, with some complaining that band's set was not upbeat enough

Video Documentary Revisits Anita Hill Sexual Harassment Testimony

In 1991, a young law professor's Senate testimony about her employer’s unwanted advances opened a public dialogue on sexual harassment

Video Fans Buy Hollywood History at Celebrity Auction

Event April 11-12 draws buyers from around world, featuring items that span a century of movie making and include some 20th century political memorabilia

Video Students Honor African-American Singer Marian Anderson

It's been 75 years since a groundbreaking concert that transformed Anderson into an important figure in the struggle against racial prejudice in the US

Video Early Hindu, Buddhist Works on View in New York

'Lost Kingdoms' is monumental new exhibit at the Metropolitan Museum of Art

Filmmaker Revives Sudan’s movie industry

Conservative Sudan Opens its Theaters and Celebrates Independent Film Producers

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Border Crossings

With over five million records sold worldwide, singer-songwriter MIKA is best known for his hit single “Grace Kelly.” MIKA joins "Border Crossings" to perform live and to talk with host Larry London about his latest CD “The Origin Of Love.”