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Outrage Over 'Rape Culture' Among Kenyan Lawmakers

Gideon Mwiti Irea faces accusations of beating and raping woman who had come to his private office a few days ago to discuss official business More

FILE - A doctor examines chest X-rays at a tuberculosis clinic in Gugulethu, Cape Town, South Africa.

Medical Organizations Unite to Battle 'Multi-Drug' TB

New Tuberculosis treatments are being introduced to more than 2,600 patients in 16 countries who are diagnosed with multi-drug resistant tuberculosis More

Malnutrition can stunt children's growth or fuel excess weight. Here, a health care worker assesses a child at a clinic in Nairobi, Kenya. See related video by VOA's Lenny Ruvaga.

Malnutrition in Africa Wears Two Faces

Some people lack food, others battle overweight, disease and other ill effects of cheap calories More

Video Business, Farming Go Greener to Protect Nairobi Water Supply

In unique pairing of business interests and conservation, new water fund is launching in Kenya to better-protect Nairobi's main source of water -- the Tana River More

Security officers and government officials inspect a police car that was burnt during an attack on a convoy escorting the governor of Mandera region Ali Roba outside Mandera town, near Kenya's border with Somalia and Ethiopia, March 13, 2015.

Kenyan Governor Demands Greater Security After al-Shabab Attack

Mandera Governor Ali Roba said convoy was ambushed by al-Shabab militiamen, he survived the attack unharmed but six other people were injured More

VOA Special: Mobile Voter Guide

All the information you need to know to vote on March 4, right from your mobile phone. Visit our special mobile voter guide for voting tips, candidate profiles, and more, plus live updates all election day.

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