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FILE - Saudi King Salman.

Video US, Saudi Leaders to Meet Against Backdrop of War, Iran Deal

This will be King Salman's first visit to the United States since ascending the throne in January More

FILE - U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry speaks during a press conference.

Kerry to Give Speech on Iran Deal as Support Rises

Democrats in Congress are on the verge of guaranteeing lawmakers will not be able to pass a measure opposing the deal More

FILE - Migrants cry and walk towards Gevgelija in Macedonia after crossing Greece's border, Macedonia, Aug. 22, 2015.

More Refugee Women, Children Heading for Europe

UNICEF says some 3,000 people arrive in Macedonia every day; 80 percent are from Syria and 10 percent from Afghanistan, Iraq More

Iraqi security forces guard the entrance to a sports complex being built by a Turkish construction company, in the Shiite district of Sadr City, Baghdad, Iraq, Wednesday, Sept. 2, 2015.

Gunmen Kidnap 18 Turkish Workers in Baghdad

The gunmen kidnapped the workers around 3 a.m. after knocking down doors and disarming guards. More

Shi'ite rebels known as Houthis hold up their weapons as they chant slogans during a rally against Saudi-led airstrikes in Sana'a, Yemen, Aug. 24, 2015.

HRW: Houthis, Pro-Hadi Fighters Abused Detainees in Aden

Pro-Hadi forces were said to be holding 255 Houthi fighters in facilities around Aden and to have executed at least seven Houthi prisoners since March More

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Obama Closes In on Votes to Clinch Iran Deal

Thirty-three senators have pledged to back agreement, one short of number needed to sustain presidential veto

UN: Palestinian Territory in Recession, Gaza Becoming Uninhabitable

Economy has shrunk by almost half a percentage point; unemployment was about 30 percent last year

Egypt Gas Find Sparks Panic in Israel

Israel's offshore gas reserves had long been regarded as a future cash cow for the country, with Egypt expected to be a key customer

Video UN: Palmyra Temple Destruction a 'Crime Against Civilization'

UNESCO chief says her agency will do all it can to protect 'all that can be saved' from Islamic State militants

Lebanese Protesters Stage Environment Ministry Sit-in

Lebanon hit by a series of protests against the government ignited by a dispute over uncollected rubbish

Turkish Police Raid Gulen-linked Conglomerate

Twenty-three companies within Koza Ipek group are searched on suspicion of providing financial support for 'Gulenist Terrorist Group'

Syrian Court Acquits Free-speech Campaigner

Mazen Darwish acquitted, after spending three-and-a-half years in jail under anti-terrorism laws

Obama: Iranian Economy Won't Recover from Sanctions Until 2022

Opponents of Iran nuclear agreement, including Israel, say Tehran will immediately use money to bolster military, support terror groups

Video War, Drought Threaten Iraq's Marshlands

Areas are spawning ground for Gulf fisheries, a resting place for migrating wildfowl, source of livelihood for fishermen and herders who have called the marshes home for generations

Turkey Detains, Charges British Reporting Crew on Terror Allegations

Court ruling in Diyarbakir orders crew, who work for US-based VICE News, back to jail two days after their arrests near the borders with Syria, Iraq and Iran

Fierce Fighting in N. Syria as Turkey Launches Air Raids

Fight for countryside to north of Aleppo now ratcheting up rapidly; rebel commanders say US-led coalition airstrikes need to be ramped up to ward off extremists

UN Confirms More Palmyra Destruction

Temple of Bel is second Roman-era structure to be blown up by IS militants, following destruction of Temple of Balshamin
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