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ON THE LINE: Iran's New President & the World

ON THE LINE: Iran's New President & the World
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Iran’s new president-elect, Hassan Rowhani, is promising to follow a path of moderation, saying his victory signals a new era for the Iranian people. Rowhani has vowed to improve relations with the international community and to help fix Iran’s faltering economy. But Iran’s supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, has the final say in all strategic matters, including nuclear policy. What does a new president mean for Iran, the region and the world? “On The Line” examines the road ahead for Iran. GUESTS Trita Parsi: President, National Iranian-American Council [NIAC]; Author, "A Single Role of the Dice: Obama's Diplomacy with Iran" Sohrab Ahmari (in New York): Assistant Books Editor, The Wall Street Journal. Setareh Derakhshesh: Deputy Director, Persian News Network, Voice of America.