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Q&A Alonzo / Grant / Women Rising / Fistula

Women Rising Is a Weekly Segment We Air On Daybreak Asia To Highlight Women's Issues Around The World With An Impact On Asia. Today, Heartbreaking Stories From Remote Rural Areas In Asia Where Pregnant Women Euduring A Long Or Often Difficult Labor, Some Losing Their Babies. The Women Are Left With Incontience And Leaking Wastes From Obstetric Fistulas. Some Husbands Abandon Their Wives, Others Try To Find Help. But The Road Is Long And the Women Are Often Ostracized By Their Communities For These Birth Injuries, However, Kate Grant, The CEO Of The Fistula Foundation Is One Group Supporting Women, Telling Every Woman With A Fistula That It Is Possible To Be Cured And To Feel Hopeful Once Again She Spoke VOA's Frances Alonzo.