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Q&A Beattie / Lee / China / Japan

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Chinese President Xi Jinping Monday, In A Televised Speech Near Beijing, Marked The 77th Anniversary Of The Beginning Of Eight Years Of War With Japan By Criticizing What He Called A Minority Group Of People Who Ignore Historical Facts, Who Ignore The Tens Of Thousands Of Lives Lost In War, And Deny And Even Beautify The History Of Aggression....(Act / Xi Jinping)... Mr. Xi, Speaking At The Site Where The So-Called Marco Polo Bridge Incident On July 7. 1937 That Served As A Pretext Triggering The Sino-Japanese War Occurred, Said The Chinese People. Who Made Great Sacrifices, Will Steadfastly Guard History. Speaking Friday At Seoul National University, Mr, Xi Denounced What He Called The Barbarous Wars Of Aggression Against China And Korea By Japanese Militarists. Tufts University Korea Expert Soon-Yung Lee, Speaking To Daybreak Asia's Victor Beattie From Seoul, Say Mr Xi Has An Incentive To Try To Drive A Wedge Between South Korea And Japan.