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Norman / VOA Coverage / Apollo July 20. 1969

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There Is Another Anniversary To Note .... 45 Years Ago, On July 20, 1969, Man First Walked On The Moon. Here Is Some Of The VOA Reporting Of The Launch Of Apollo 11 And The Moon Landing .... (Act / VOA Coverage Apollo) .. That Was Neil Armstrong Uttering Those Famous Words Just After Stepping From The Lunar Landing Module Onto The Moon. Fellow American Astronaut Buzz Aldrin Joined Armstrong On The Moon A Few Minutes Later. In The Middle Of 1969, The United States Was Divided Over The War In Vietnam . Rocked By Civil Rights Protests And Still Reeling From The 1968 Assassinations On Martin Luther King. Jr. And Presidential Candidate Robert Kennedy. But The Nation Came Together In July Of That Year To Watch The Historic Apollo11 Mission On Television. NASA Estimates That More Than Half A Billion People Worldwide Watched The Tevevised Lunar Landing. NASA Astronauts Returned To The Moon On Multiple Missions: However, No Human Has Touched Down On The Moon's Surface Since 1972.