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Invisible Shield 11,000 km Above Earth's Surface Protects Us from "Killer Electrons"

Today we talk with Dr. Daniel Baker from the University of Colorado, Boulder who, with his colleagues, discovered a kind of invisible barrier located about 11,000 kilometers above the Earth that shields us from something that’s been described as “Killer Electrons”. And... We'll hear about the first test launch of a NASA space craft that will someday send astronauts to Mars. Saying that cervical cancer is preventable, the WHO is urging all girls between the ages of nine and 13 to get vaccinated against the virus that causes this deadly disease. Rosanne Skirble will tell us about a new study that shows how tiny ants can help clean up garbage. For the first time, a ground-based telescope was used to detect and observe an exoplanet pass in front of a bright Sun-like star outside of our own solar system. One of the researchers who helped identify the Ebola virus in the 1970’s talks about the ongoing outbreak in West Africa. We'll have these stories and more on today's edition of VOA's Science, Health and Technology magazine... Science World.