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Why Humans Are Able to Drink Alcoholic Beverages

Why Humans Are Able to Drink Alcoholic Beverages
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Matthew Carrigan, a professor of biology at Santa Fe College in Florida, led a team of researchers at the Foundation for Applied Molecular Evolution to find out what made it possible for humans to consume. Professor Carrigan joins us today to talk about the research he and his team conducted and what they learned from their study. Some of the other stories we have for you today… We'll hear about how a new medical robot can not only reduce the time it takes to manufacture dental crowns, but can also provide patients with better fitting dental work. Cutting edge technology was used to produce Disney's latest animated film, Big Hero 6. Elizabeth Lee will take us behind the scenes for a look at the high-tech tools and techniques that went into producing the movie. This and more coming up on today's edition of VOA's Science, Health and Technology magazine... Science World.