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A Quick Pause Before Grabbing a Snack Could Lead to Healthier Food Choices

Happy New Year from VOA's Science World Today, we talk with Caltech researcher Nicolette Sullivan about a new study that found if we took a few seconds of time before deciding on what to eat; we could resist the temptation of eating tasty, but unhealthy foods and make a healthier food choice. We take a look back at what was accomplished in space technology over the past year. George Putic will tell us about the current state of commercial air communication technology. Fruit bats have been accused of being the source of the virus behind the current Ebola epidemic in Western Africa. But a new study points to another species as the culprit. Scientists may soon be able to detect rare or invasive species, study biodiversity or estimate fish abundance with just a scoop of air or a dip of water. Researchers in Britain have discovered a protein that plays a role in the spread of lung cancer, something that could lead to a therapy to prevent cancer metastasis, reducing cancer deaths.