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Early Solar System Planets Destroyed by Jupiter Made Room for Earth, Mercury, Venus and Mars

We’ll talk with Caltech scientist Konstantin Batygin, who with a colleague, has found evidence that suggests that our solar system may have once housed a number of Super Earth type planets, long before the current inner planets formed. And… Carol Pearson tells us that scientists, who rushed to develop anti-Ebola vaccines during the deadly West Africa outbreak, are starting to see positive results from their research. Jeff Swicord tells us that as more U.S. homeowners adopt solar energy, some are complaining the trend unfairly shifts the cost of maintaining the nation's electrical grid to non-solar customers. Philip Alexiou reports that scientists may have solved the mystery of why the surface of Mercury is so dark and non-reflective. Anne Ball tells us that as California’s drought continues, the state’s Governor has had to take some serious steps to conserve its water. George Putic reports on a new camera that can provide surgeons with an incredibly detailed look inside blood vessels, all the way to the patient's heart. Lisa Schlein tells us that the W.H.O., for 4/7/15’s World Health Day, is urging governments to enact tough food safety systems to protect people from contaminated foods. We'll have these stories and more on today's edition of VOA's Science, Health and Technology magazine - Science World!