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Caltech's New One-Step Graphene Manufacturing Process

Caltech's New One-Step Graphene Manufacturing Process
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Graphene has been touted as the wonder material of the 21st Century. It's the worlds lightest and strongest substance has a wide range of unique properties and the potential applications for this wonder material are numerous. We’ll talk with Nai-Chang Yeh from Caltech scientist about a new manufacturing process that might make it easier and faster to produce this wonder material. And… Jessica Berman reports that researchers have discovered a cheap and inexpensive allergy medicine that can treat hepatitis C. The folks at CERN have taken care of that little glitch that delayed the restart of its Large Hadron Collider. Philip Alexiou will give us a report. George Putic tells us about a small, wearable addition to ordinary shoes that makes walking easier. Carol Pearson has a report about some new research that could change the way breast cancer is treated. Steve Baragona tells us about a newly released report by the Obama administration released a report that outlines the health impacts of climate change. Brian Padden spoke with the Mayor of Seoul about how investments in green technology are paying off for the South Korean capital city. Could a key cough syrup ingredient make a new Diabetes treatment possible? Doug Bernard has a report by Jessica Berman. We'll have these stories and more on today's edition of VOA's Science, Health and Technology magazine - Science World!