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Cosmic Rays Could Damage the Brains of Mars Bound Astronauts

Cosmic Rays Could Damage the Brains of Mars Bound Astronauts
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New research has provided evidence that long-term exposure to high energy particles such as those contained in powerful galactic cosmic rays damages the nervous system which can cause astronauts traveling to and from Mar to develop cognitive difficulties, such as dementia. Professor Charles Limoli, from the University of California at Irvine led this research and he joins us today on our One on One Segment to talk about he and his team learned from their studies and what could be done to protect Mars Astronauts from such harm. Elizabeth Lee will tell us about a recent meeting in Los Angeles that brought experts from the public and private sectors together to talk about the future of Space travel. Zlactica Hoke reports on a spa resort near Croatia's capital Zagreb that uses a derivative extracted from crude oil deposits in order to treat skin diseases and arthritis. Philip Alexiou tells us that SpaceX, this past week, successfully tested a system that would allow a crew of a manned spacecraft to escape in the event of a launch pad emergency. While some people really enjoy washing and waxing their cars, others find it to be nothing more than inconvenient drudgery. George Putic tells us about the development of a new self-cleaning paint that could make car washing a thing of the past. Lisa Schlein reports from Geneva, that some 1,500 participants from 180 countries will meet there to seek ways to reduce risks from hazardous chemicals and waste. As an outbreak of the lethal brain disease meningitis sweeps through West Africa, satellites migh be able to help public health officials predict and prepare for this and other diseases. Steve Baragona will have a report. We'll have these stories and more on today's edition of VOA's Science, Health and Technology magazine - Science World!