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Science in a Minute - 052715: New Diagnostic Tool for Antibiotic Resistant Infections

This is Science in a Minute, I’m Rick Pantaleo The World Health Organization says that the rise of antibiotic resistant infections has become an increasingly serious threat to global public health. Hindering doctor’s efforts to quickly treat these potentially life threatening infections, like MRSA and multidrug-resistant tuberculosis, is the amount of time it now takes for needed diagnostic tests to come back from the lab. Currently it can take up to three days before a doctor receives the test results. But now a team of researchers from the University of Toronto has developed a small and simple diagnostic chip they say will allow doctors to get completed test results for antibiotic resistant infections in only one hour. Getting these test results faster will allow doctors to quickly select and administer the most effective antibiotic to treat specific resistant infections. And that’s your Science in a Minute.