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Web Site Takes Jabs at Presidential Candidates

Political satire has been around for centuriee band this year is no exception. The 2004 presidential campaign has gone into overdrive. The American broadcast media is saturated with political advertising and news coverage.

And so it is inevitable that someone would find something funny in all those serious speeches.

It took six months for the two California-based brothers, Gregg and Evan Spiridellis, to create their first animated film, This Land Is Your Land. The web-based cartoon features President George W. Bush and Democratic party challenger John Kerry singing new words to an American folk song written almost 50 years ago.

Their second feature, D.C. Land animated to another American folk song, Dixieland, was released last week on their web site, Gregg Spiridellis says he and his brother couldn't let the 2004 Presidential campaign go by without taking a few cheap shots at the candidates with animated parodies.

"We make these entirely to hopefully make people laugh. That's 100 percent the goal, our own political point of view has nothing to do with it," Mr. Spiridellis says.

The candidates, drawn with large heads and mouths like marionette puppets, take after each other on issues, personalities, and their supporters. The Spiridellis brothers, the only full-time employees at began creating political animation during the 2000 Presidential campaign. Younger brother Evan says, they're not making money, yet.

"Now we're, you know, lucky enough to squirrel away a few bucks and hopefully fund our next production," says Mr. Spiridellis. "That's, you know, what we've always done." is one of many political humor sites on the Internet, which use cartoons, films and songs to make fun of the candidates and issues of the 2004 Presidential campaign. More than 60 million people have downloaded the JibJab songs, which can also be purchased on CD and DVD. No one can gauge the impact these sites have on an election. For the time being, they're making people laugh.