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Deadly Blast in Iraq Kills Over 100

A car bomber attacked a crowded commercial district south of Baghdad Monday in the town of Hilla killing more than 100 people and wounding more than 130 others. Most of the victims of were civilians who had gathered to apply for jobs.

In one of the deadliest insurgent attacks in Iraq, a car bomber blew himself up near a large crowd of civilians who had gathered in front of a medical center to obtain documents needed for state employment.

The powerful blast occurred in a popular Hilla shopping district where dozens of shops and a grocery store are located.

Dozens of bodies were seen near the site of the blast, which occurred about 95 kilometers south of Baghdad.

With more than 130 wounded in the attack, hospital officials in Hilla have made a plea for blood donations. Doctors from at least three nearby towns rushed to Hilla to lend their assistance.

Insurgents have routinely attacked anyone believed to be supportive of the interim government or coalition troops in Iraq. The blast Monday was the deadliest attack against civilians in more than year.