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Exiled Lebanese General Aoun Returns Home


Lebanon's most prominent opposition leader has returned to Beirut after a nearly 15-year exile in France.

Michel Aoun
General Michel Aoun went into exile after failing to evict Syrian troops from Lebanon during some of the civil war's fiercest fighting. His return Saturday, comes less than two weeks after the last Syrian soldier left Lebanese territory.

Hundreds of frenzied supporters greeted the general and his family at Beirut airport. In the city's Martyrs' Square, where the biggest anti-Syrian rallies of the last three months took place, supporters began gathering hours ahead of his arrival. General Aoun will address them later Saturday.

Meanwhile, opposition lawmakers have called for President Emile Lahoud's resignation, saying he cannot remain because he is the head of the security apparatus - which many Lebanese blame for involvement in former Prime Minister Rafik Hariri's assassination.