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Scientists Unmask King Tut

An ancient statue showing King Tutankhamun, is displayed in front of his golden mask at the Egyptian museum in Cairo
He is one of the most famous teenagers in history, but until now, historians were not sure what he looked like.

Now three teams of scientists from Egypt, France and the United States say they have used hundreds of three-dimensional images known as "CAT Scans" to recreate King Tut's face and head 3,300 years after his death.

Tutankhamun was about 19 years old when he died, well-fed with chubby cheeks, a rounded chin and slightly androgynous features.

Scientists say there was no evidence to support speculation that he was murdered. The scans show he had a fractured left leg, which, if infected, could have contributed to his death.

The teams worked independently, but their results were strikingly similar. The image created also bears a strong resemblance to the famous gold mask Howard Carter's team found when it unearthed Tut's tomb in 1922.

Some information for this report provided by AP.