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Massive 'Green' Complex to be Built in New York

American developers are about to break ground on what they hope will be a $20 billion super mall designed to show the United States how to end its dependency on fossil fuels.

Plans for the complex, called Destiny USA, include 1,000 stores and restaurants, theaters, thousands of hotel rooms, even an 80-hectare recreational biosphere with an artificial river for kayaking, all under one roof.

The northern New York state complex is designed to be powered completely by renewable energy sources such as wind, solar and fuel cells. Even the bulldozers that will level the ground are powered by biodiesel (made from vegetable oil).

U.S. Senator Hillary Clinton persuaded Congress to help fund the "green" (nonpolluting) project, in part to be a showcase for clean technologies.

The New York Times notes it is not clear if the developers can raise all the money needed for the ambitious project.