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Computer Engineer Dreams of Being a Rock Star

Skrikanth Devarajan came to the United States on an H-1-B visa allowing him to work in the high-tech industry. But the Indian-born computer engineer had other dreams, as well. And, he found some like-minded friends in the Washington area who helped him realize those dreams with the release of a record album. As VOA's Rebecca Ward reports, the album reflects the singers' Indian roots, high-tech background and his experience in America.

Pulsating rhythms, electronic riffs and the steady beat of rock and roll radiate from this suburban Washington townhome.

Skrikanth Deverajan is a computer engineer by day -- but a rock and roll musician at heart. He came to the United States on an H-1-B visa to work, but in his spare time, this classically trained Indian musician composes and produces music -- rock music.

"It's the Beatles. I love them," he says. "Alright. I like them. So it's all where I started. Ambitions are there in my heart saying I should become one. I should be recognized. Those things are there in my head. We will see, it's all upstairs. We'll see what's going to happen."

Srikanth's computer engineering skills help him compose and mix the music he loves. But the album's inspiration is the immigrant experience -- thus the name H1-BEES.

H-1-Bees, the album, is a mix of English, Hindi and Tamil songs, and features other Indian-American musicians from the Washington area. It's available through stores and South Asian websites in India and the United States.