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Eight UN Peacekeepers Reportedly Killed In DRC

It’s been reported that eight UN peacekeepers were killed today in the Democratic Republic of Congo. The incident happened in the northeast of the country.

Jennifer Bakodi is a public information officer for the UN peacekeeping mission. She told English to Africa’s Ruby Ofori “It was this morning, Monday, 23rd of January, that Guatemalan special forces about a hundred in number…were engaged in reconnaissance activity in Garamba National Park.” Ms. Bakodi said the special forces were searching for member of the Ugandan rebel group the Lord’s Resistance Army when they became involved in a fight with an unidentified armed group. Ms Bakodi said, “I can assume it was a heavy firefight because eight of these Guatemalan forces were killed and five others were injured.” She said the there would be an investigation to determine the identity of the killers.

Ms. Bakodi said despite attacks by various militia, the United Nations peacekeepers continue to work to secure the Democratic Republic of Congo in time for presidential elections to take place next April.